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Random Thoughts


Tapes that are down all day tend to end that way.


  • If you dip a novel into a tub of Visine, can you read it again?

  • Citigroup (C:NYSE) continues to struggle at $47.5 despite the relative traction of the piggies. Keep an eye on this name as it creeps back to the flat line.

  • Yes, he also played Scottie from Boogie Nights.

  • Financial crime doesn't pay!

  • Dr. Dots and Plots--Rich Gula--is swingin' by the 'Ville for (a very healthy) lunch today. Daisy is beside herself with excitement!

  • We always like to look at all sides of every argument. This is a thought provoking piece on gold "management."

  • "The oversold component issues of the S&P 100 have been under 10% (suggesting overbought market) for 16 straight sessions. There are only two other instances since early 2001 that have such long periods of limited oversold issues: 22 days ending 5/20/03, 16 days ending 6/20/03. Both prior extremes were followed by a brief correction and then further upside. This statistic suggests the recent oversold rally is indeed different than the others in 2004 and reinforces our view that investors should be buyers on any meaningful pullback or time period that relieves near-term overbought condition." --Snoop Tony Dwyer

  • Minyanville is looking for New York area college students to intern in Minyanville. Earn credits--and earn your keep!--while learning a ton and getting involved. This is a tough job market and tapping into the Minyan network is a shrewd move. More importantly, we're a forthright bunch and we do things the right way over here. Lotsa upside!

  • Minyan Rob Fraim has some great diet tips!

  • Why does this remind me of Hoofy? (Warning: it's a fat file and takes a long time to load)

  • It sure seems like alotta folks are "hiding" in the internet space.

  • Breadth is "settling in" with a 2:1 negative posture.

  • The Les Nessman character on the TV series "WKRP in Cincinnati" wore a Band-Aid in every episode, either on himself, his glasses or his clothing.

  • S's over N's.

  • How 'bout dem trannies, eh? They laugh in the face of higher crude and recently tickled a 5-year high. Watch TRAN 3200 as support (acne level) on this pullback.

  • Celestica (CLS:NYSE) is off 13% and punishing the entire food chain. Cisco (CSCO:NASD) is gettin' hit for 3%, Lucent (LU:NYSE) is 2.5% lower, Sun Micro (SUNW:NASD) is 3% in the red and Int'l Business (IBM:NYSE) is outperforming (-60 bips).

  • I will be out tomorrow in observance of the Jewish holidays. I used to attend services while holding my grandfather Ruby's hand and he would always shed a tear towards the end of observance. Now, every time I attend services, I shed a tear as I remember how special he was and how much I miss him. Thank you in advance for understanding the absence and a happy and healthy holiday for those who are celebrating!

  • How is someone "besides themselves?"

  • If you're diggin' the 'Ville, please help us spread the word. We'll be happy to offer a gratis month to your network on your behalf!

  • The dollar continues to grind higher (+80 bips) and has once again cast an eye towards DXY 90.

  • A bearish brother of mine opined recently that it would take a nuclear explosion to break the tape. Yesterday, after the mysterious North Korea mushroom cloud, he pinged me to say "mea culpa."

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