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Random Thoughts


This is my kind of tape!


  • The only difference between vision and grandeur is the ability to execute.

  • A nuclear lost and found!

  • The brokers are strugglin' a bit with XBD 130, which is the 200-day moving average and the shoulder of its inverse dandruff.

  • Will Elmer spook the tape if he hikes next week? The absolute level of rates remains historically low but the economy seems a tad fragile still.

  • If only the Raiders got Corey Dillon....

  • Rampart!

  • The semis are more crowded than a Patriot bandwagon. Keep an eye on 'em as they try to slink back to the black.

  • Breadth remains 3:2 negative but selling pressure continues to be unmotivated.

  • Oliver at Bass Trading is so "sure" that the electoral clarity will lead to a 5%+ October, he just bet me dinner (and dessert) to that effect. Sold to you!

  • The drugs have been firm from the word "go" and have now edged 1% higher on the session.

  • The good news is that I'm down from 225 lbs. ten days ago to 216.5 lbs. this morning. The bad news is that I've always considered 215 lbs. to be the top end of my trading range. If I were a stock, my stochastics would just be coming out of a low-carb pretzel twist!

  • Housing project!

  • I'm not sure why but I just looked at Collins and thought of Freddie Miles from The Talented Mr. Ripley.

  • "The SOX 30-day has been below the 90-day MA for 132 days. Since 1996, the only longer instance was '02 at 137 days. A simple move back to 90-day would be a 12% gain, and then once the 30 and 90 cross positive precedent is for 13% gain. Net-net, the decline is very long in tooth historically and there is precedent for significant gains over near-term." -Snoop Tony Dwyer

  • I've learned more about the politics behind media in the last year than I had in the 34 prior years combined.

  • Sticks and chairs may break your bones but words will never hurt you.

  • Congrats to Bill Meehan on winning the first week of the NFL office pool. Lunch is on you--both pieces of lettuce!

  • I went to the gym last night, got on the Precor for 15 minutes and--mid-song and mid-step--walked out of the gym.

  • Keep the change ya filthy animal!

  • We've got a pretty meaty announcement coming regarding a new professor. Stay tuned.

  • There are always stocks that confound the pros and suck in the mainstream. I say this as I watch K-Mart (KMRT:NASD) breakout above the July highs. Yeesh!

  • I fondly remember the days of trading for multiple dollar moves in a single session. Now it takes months to find the same price action. That feeds directly into Succo's thesis of compression and will likely be viewed (in hindsight) as one of the contributing reasons for the outsized volatility (when it arrives).

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