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Random Thoughts


Sorry for the coat---it's been a little cold in the cave!


  • What's up? A chicken's ass when it eats!

  • The financials trade sticky dry and, on the margin, that's bullish action. The banks are holding above the rip-cord level (BKX 850) and the brokers are tickling breakout support (XBD 585). Until (and unless) the bears can dent this group, Hoofy isn't gonna break much of a sweat.

  • I view technicals as a backdrop with which to trade and one of four primary trading metrics (psychology, fundamentals & structural being the others).

  • Do you know that CNBC misspelled Israel yesterday? It is real, but it's not Isreal!

  • Add Microsoft (MSFT:NASD) as a tech tell on the heels of their dividend boostage.

  • I looked up to John Ritter as a kid. I mean, the guy lived in Santa Monica with two hottie gal pals! In all seriousness, heartfelt condolences to his family. He was a talented actor and, from what I understand, a good guy as well.

  • Somebody in my family is contemplating selling her New York City apartment. While I've been urging her to do so for two years, I don't think it's too late. I actually think it's pretty early (still).

  • Breadth remains a bit lethargic thus far today but well off its worst levels.

  • Dow Jones 9400 was a breakout level--watch it for traction on the downside.

  • The minxy wild cards? Quarter-end performance anxiety and next week's expiration.

  • The single biggest fear for Boo is a sudden spike in jobs. Not necessarily because it'll prove sustainable, but because it'll spur psychology.

  • If the Raiders drop this week's game to the Bengals, I will clean Fokker's apartment. And yes, I'm (painfully) aware that Rod Woodson and Jerry Porter are both having surgeries this week. Ugh.

  • If your company has an interest in being a sponsor for the upcoming Critters Choice Awards, please send me an email ( and I'll have the critters send you a (very cool looking) sponsorship package!

  • No, not that announcement!

  • I've been a big picture bear for three years which, unfortunately, has included the last six months. Still, in the near-term, I think Boo can trade tech from the short side as long as the NDX stays under 1350-1355 (tight stop). The risk--and my fear--is that the master beta chasers emerge into quarter-end and reach for the semis, internets and biotechs.

  • Congrats to my buddy David Nichols on the recent edition to his family.

  • Crude oil is getting thumped today.

  • Minyan Neal Greenberg is currently high bid on our kick-ass animated auction!

  • Fokker will be on a strict allowance in the city of sin.

  • The daily grind is choppy and sloppy.

  • Minyan Trivia: What rock group was featured on the tee-shirt "Nuke" Laloosh was wearing (under his sports jacket) as he kissed Annie goodbye before joining his fellow Durham Bulls on their long road trip? The first correct answer sent to receives a kickin' Minyanville tee!
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