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Random Thoughts


Who wants a milk shake?


  • I've never seen the word "probe" used in a positive way. Not even in Fletch!

  • Are you gonna tell me that levels don't matter? Look at the morning magnets that were S&P 1015ish and NDX 1350ish.

  • BKX 868 was "a" level (trendline) but BKX 850 is THE level (dandruff neckline).

  • The rotational theme stands out like a sore thumb. The consumers (drugs) continue to benefit while the financials (mortgage concerns), semis (profit-taking) and biotechs are a source of funds.

  • Sorry about the lag in posts, my friends, I'm juggling conference calls like Elmer's jugglin' bubbles.

  • Mixed signals: the leadership tells are pointing due south and breadth is 2:1 negative. However, the bulls continue to toe the line of technical support.

  • There was a lot of Buzz & Banter regarding Tony's column yesterday. The goal of Minyanville is to provide thought provoking and educational commentary. The contributing professors may not always agree with each other's view, but there is value in the discussion.

  • If the closing bell in the sky rang tomorrow, does everybody you love know how you feel?

  • Bill Meehan's three favorite sayings (as remembered by friend Dan Meehan): "Aye Caramba!!!" "Hey ya big old SWINE!!!!" and "Oh My aching universe!"

  • In addition to the triple September bottom, NDX 1350 also represents the (up) trendline from the August 6th mini-low.

  • "A riot is an ungly thing ... undt, I tink, that it is chust about time ve had vun!" --Inspector Kemp

  • Will the recent press (finally) quell the quarter-end markup madness?

  • The Critters Choice Awards is two months from Friday! Have you sniffed out the animated auction yet?

  • Three kids were shot at my high school yesterday. Sad times indeed.

  • If you haven't read Succ's debt blurb, please do so. Twice.

  • Keep an eye on the piggies...they're creeping back. Citigroup (C:NYSE) and Bank of America (BAC:NYSE) remain my bank tells

  • Watch the master betas (biotechs, home builders, semis) as we creep closer to quarter-end. If performance anxiety reasserts itself, they'll likely be the vehicles of choice.
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