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Random Thoughts


That's just not right!


  • Not by the hair of my Pimmy Pim Pimco!

  • Minyanville would like to thank the good folks at ExGen Securities for their continued support and consistent friendship. If human capital is a smart investment, this team will earn huge rewards.

  • 22-0? I haven't seen a shutout like that since Fokker in Crested Butte!

  • If you're interested in purchasing one of the few remaining "Minyans in the Mountains 2004 Presentation Reference Guides," please give us a ping. Thanks!

  • I've long maintained that the opposite of love isn't hate (it's apathy) and the other side of the bubble is indifference. Are we "there" yet (with the volatility indices near multi-year lows)? I don't think so--by definition, attrition is a function of time and we've got a lot of hopers left in the tape. I know--I'm a Debbie Downer--but I'll always offer my honest vibe.

  • The recent events in Russia are both disgusting and disturbing.

  • The semis, fresh off yesterday's late day shrug, are leading by example with today's 2% lift. They join the S&P with a "look at me" level of SOX 380 (downtrend). We discussed (on yesterday's Buzz) the concept of this complex being an uber-crowded short (into Intel (INTC:NASD)) with "heelsy" field position. Today's lift somewhat alleviates that notion although sentiment is still "doubtful" (with good reason).

  • If you're emotionally involved with an individual security, put it on your restricted list and look for other opportunities. Trust me on this one.

  • I am officially addicted to this website.

  • Talk about a Swedish meatball!

  • Breadth--the best daily tell--is sportin' two ahead for each that's red.

  • I am gonna take the day off on Friday and allow myself a four-day weekend. Not sure where I'm gonna go yet (any suggestions?) but it's time to recharge the batteries into the home stretch.

  • S&P 1111--the 200-day moving average--is a huge focus. The Minx failed there twice in August and lotsa stops surely rest above.

  • Among the ice cream flavors offered recently at Ice Cream City in Tokyo: spinach, garlic, tomato, seaweed, oyster, red wine, goat, chicken, lettuce and potato, wheat, shark fin, and something called "raw horse flesh." [Mainichi Daily News]

  • Sending lotsa good vibes to our very own Laurie McGuirk.

  • Wanna follow the "real-time money poll" for the elections? With so much riding on the November polls, it may not be such a bad idea.

  • Reason #42 why Minyanville merchandise simply won't go there.

  • Girly Minyan?

  • Front month crude futes are 2.6% higher. See it.

  • Don't get sucked in by the negativity of those around you. Energy isn't created or deleted, it just changes shape and form. Harness it and be a better person for it.

  • Maybe the dingo really did eat yo baby?

  • If you know of a Minyan worthy FX professor (or any other worthy scribe), please let us know. We're always looking to expand the knowledge base and educational mission.

  • Scalinatella ain't cheap but it sure is tasty!

  • These levels (above) are Hefty, Hefty, Hefty while the stochastics are Twisty, Twisty, Twisty!

  • Do you really believe that the government has no influence (however transitory) on the stock market? Just askin' the question...

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