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More Random Thoughts!


May peace be with you!


  • Today's Randoms simply weren't strong enough for my own internal smell test. Hence, the redeux.

  • Lowry's issued a report today that offers that it may be "too early for major defensive positions...but periods of rally may be used to cull out their weakest holdings."

  • Phoebe Klump.

  • General Electric (GE:NYSE) is trying for some gap fillage but has thus far come up short.

  • The breadth didn't confirm the contra-hour upside try.

  • I forgot how nice it can be to turn off your brain and listen to the music.

  • It's human nature to get more bullish as the market rallies and more cautious as it trades lower. The trick is to invert those tendencies or, at the very least, implement risk controls that allow you to ride the tide.

  • Crude is tickling $45/brl. I've long been on record that $50/brl is a matter of time but am admittedly surprised by the pace of the race.

  • Elmer "Dutch Boy" Greenspan.

  • Minyans who are heading to Crested Butte, please drink a TON of water during the week preceding your trip. Trust me on this--the altitude is no joke.

  • I still think that energy and metals will significantly outperform tech and financials in the years ahead.

  • All you can do is the best you can do.

  • Get your rest as tomorrow is shaping up as a mighty long day. Elmer and Chambo and Beeks--oh my!

  • Lotsa folks (and professors) continue to do the August vacation thing. Factor that illiquidity into your risk profile.

  • I'm not feeling the mojo today. It happens, I suppose, but I'm always honest with ye faithful and will share the vibe in good days and bad.

  • Everyone is blaming oil and terror jitters for the market malaise. I still think that we're paying the tab for the bubble fun and it's gonna last for many more years.

  • Bobby Weir is starting to look more and more like Jerry.

  • Fare ye well into the bell.

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