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More Random Thoughts!


The Red SOX are in last place!


  • I would like to officially nominate Professor Succo to become CFO of Freddie Mac (FRE:NYSE). We'll know the real deal in an hour!

  • Bonds.

  • I never thought I'd meet anyone who could eat more sushi than I could. I've met my match in Charlie! (Too bad he can't hold his pomegranate margaritas as well!)

  • When Enron first announced accounting issues, the market shrugged it off for months (before imploding). Ring a bell?

  • Attention Wall Street Players: Neil Glassman has misplaced his teeth. If found, please return them immediately to the Retired Home for the Follically Challenged!

  • If the QQQ holds $30, are they gonna squeeze the shorts into the bell?

  • S&P 987 and NASDAQ 1672 are the 50-day moving averages.

  • The most bullish action on my board is the brokers.

  • The metal mettle is equity unfriendly.

  • How crowded IS Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE).

  • Breakfast at Cheney's!

  • I definitely temper my political commentary. Why? That's not what Minyanville is about, I suppose. But if these walls could talk...

  • I'm not your brah!

  • The NYSE is

  • I really enjoyed writing this morning's opening post.

  • The cyclicals are strong....but General Electric (GE:NYSE) isn't participating.

  • Does Larry Flynt's platform have mirrors on the ceiling?

  • Hoofy (armed with an "S" on his chest) is doing everything he can to hug Boo into the weekend.

  • And Charlie just keeps eating the fish....

  • If you're gonna tell a story, have a makes it entirely more interesting for the listener!

  • Hi Aunt Phyllis!

  • Last night was the first time in a long time that I saw a lot of friends. Why does it take something like death to make us appreciate life?

  • Skibaaaaaaaaaaaa Las Vegas!

  • Do you know ANYBODY who's seen Gigli?
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