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Random Thoughts!


Circle of trust, Snoop, circle of trust!


  • The cyclicals continue to outperform and they're leading to an S's over N's tape.

  • During dinner last night with Succo and Charlie, we discussed how the GSE's have become the "in vogue" (read: crowded) shorts. That's the risk to the bear thesis--although ultimately, stocks don't lie.

  • The semis act like pooh (on the heels of NVIDIA (NVDA:NASD)).

  • Kneel before Zod!

  • I've been waiting for Newmont Mining (NEM:NYSE) to pull back...for six points.

  • NYSE breadth positive while Nazzdoggie breadth is negative.

  • This bond market action is crazier than a Russian undressing.

  • Do you think there would be a Minyan mutiny if we skipped Random Thoughts one day?

  • I don't care how cool Charlie is--he REALLY lucked out in marrying Corey.

  • Never trade purely on valuation.

  • I've been watching Pan American Silver (PAAS:NASD) as my silver proxy. My boy blue, er, Fleck turned me on to this name.

  • Hmm...Daisy just told me that SHE was taking vacation next week too!

  • Poor Petie!

  • Watch the Russell 2000--it put in a double top (bearish) and is giving a stochastic buy signal (bullish).

  • I spoke to my princess niece Maia last night who told me daddy was buying her a fishy for her birthday. I asked her what she was naming it? "Maia," she said. "But Maia, you can't name your fish after yourself." "Yes, I can." She said. Whataya say to that?

  • Elmer credibility test coming up Tuesday. If the market blinks regardless of what they do, you know that sentiment has shifted.

  • SushiFriday. Wasabi!

  • The dip buyers won't scare until the fifth dip.

  • Wouldn't it be great if the television media came on and said "tech stocks are lower today because they're unreasonably priced and investors got carried away again?"

  • "Real heroes are men who fall and fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they've stayed true to their ideals and beliefs and commitments"- Kevin Costner

  • Raiders vs. Rams tonight. Here we go...

  • Sanford Bernstein's CFO survey indicates that "the level of optimism has waned" regarding second half spending plans. That may be weighing on tech.

  • Remember Minyans...the most vicious sell-offs occur from oversold conditions.

  • Big blue got banged up last night. Sorry Berko.

  • Fokker's in a mood. Great.

  • I'll be back--the Minx is on the move and I wanna get this column posted. Besides, Mr. Bucs fan and I have a sushi menu to review!

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