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Random Thoughts


These swings in bond land are n-v-t-s nuts!


  • If Gary Coleman wins the California Gubernatorial race, is there gonna be a short squeeze?

  • If the Minx melts, the action in the metals will be viewed as "writing on the wall."

  • AH-NOLD!

  • JP Morgan (JPM:NYSE) continues to act funky.

  • A market "crash" has a statistically low probability. Still, some conditional elements of such an event are in place. Hold on Snoop--don't yell at me yet. Think about it...there's massive complacency, a huge derivative maze, debt up the wazoo, a mounting deficit, a housing bubble that's yet to burst (real estate is a lagging indicator), little evidence of a real recovery and a huge run up in equity levels. I'm not saying it will happen--and it certainly doesn't have to happen in one day--but you can't say there's 100% probability that it won't.

  • Everyone, including "equity only" guys, are keying on bonds.

  • There's some serious squeezage going on in the retail space.

  • For the last time, there will NOT be any Daisy blow up dolls sold on Main Street.

  • There sure is a lot of smoke surrounding these GSE's.

  • Look for Jerry Porter to have a break out year for the Raiders.

  • The OSX is perking up for the first time in a while.

  • There should be more drive-in theaters.

  • Meditation is one of the hardest things I've ever tried to do.

  • Overbought can get more overbought and oversold can get more oversold.

  • Fat guy in a little coat.

  • The Nikkei has quietly slipped 8% in the last month.

  • With yesterday's fade fresh in everybody's mind, is it too cute to expect it two days in a row?

  • Watch the brokers as they toy with XBD 550.

  • My ex called me a lousy lover. I asked her how she could tell in two minutes.

  • If you're reading this and you're not a Minyan....DUDE, sign up! I'm a Minyan, you're a Minyan, he's a Minyan, she's a Minyan, wouldn't you like to be a Minyan too?

  • Breadth is s-l-o-w-l-y starting to improve. Wait--no it's not. Wait--yes it is. Oy!

  • I may be light on the afternoon posts as I've got to get ready for tonight's memorial service (before the Minyan dinner).

  • I am VERY psyched for football season.

  • Is it me...or have dealers become much less aggressive in their capital commitment?

  • Most of my options are Sept paper and I'll likely give 'em a few more weeks before eyeing potential "rolls."

  • If you can't donate money to philanthropic causes, you can always donate time.

  • Hey Tommy Carden--you're not dyin', just listen to the music!

  • How many second half recoveries will it take before the carrot stales?

  • I think Bosco is a great name for a chocolate Labrador.

  • Mother Merrill (MER:NYSE) better succeed or Mr. O'Neal is gonna have a lot of explaining to do.

  • Mr. Goodbar is clearly the best Hershey miniature.

  • There's a downside to sitting in front of these screens all day. It's called time, and while you've been reading this post, it continues to tick away.

  • I wonder if Martin ever popped his cork?
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