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Random Thoughts


The weekend press is gonna have a field day!


  • Desert Storm.

  • Elmer was just spotted carrying a case of Pepto-Bismol home from the drug store.

  • The male gypsy moth can "smell" the virgin female gypsy moth from 1.8 miles away. I, uh, well, uh...never mind.

  • Keep in mind, Minyans, that past support is future resistance. As such, S&P 1080 and NDX 1360 are new resistance (and DXY 88 is current support). Observations like this are key if we're to view the big picture as a series of little pictures.

  • Just pull the trigger and go with your gut!

  • The rate-sensitive names are trying to lead by example but their big toe, Citigroup (C:NYSE), is being stubbed by chatter of a large acquisition.

  • From John Succo on today's Buzz: "Bulls: stronger bonds, weaker dollar, more printing money...higher stock prices. I have said it before and I will say it again: the bulls won't give up until bonds signal trouble. If the market is going to continue down, it will be grudgingly.

  • Scott Reamer's response: "The fundamental analyst in me agrees in what John has outlined. Higher bonds (lower rates) means that carry trade fanaticism can continue or expand, which is a positive for liquidity and therefore positive for risky assets. The technical analyst in me is not as confident in that view. We'll just have to see over the next few weeks as my timing work suggests that the middle of August is a potentially important "point" in the markets (either way)."

  • If Barbie were a real-life female of average height her measurements would be: 39-23-33.

  • Low level chatter of an oil embargo is starting to get around. Or, with crude so rude, perhaps it's been around for a bit?

  • Mr. Rock, meet Mr. Hard Place.

  • "Goin' where the water taste like wine..." I'm hoppin' on the Amtrak to Philly tonight and will be shakin' my bones at tomorrow's Dead show.

  • It's shocking to me how many business models are fundamentally flawed. For instance, how can wireless services have prime real-estate in midtown Manhattan?

  • The fear of missing continues to haunt investors. There is an inflection point between momentum driven behavior and "hopeful" actions. While anything can happen in the near-term (chaos theory), it's my sense that this point has already passed.

  • Richard Schroeder, the Santa Barbara FireMinyan, just swung by the 'Ville bearing gifts. Thanks brah!

  • RIP Jerry.

  • Interfax has reported that a Moscow court has ruled that bailiffs can't seize Yugansk. Crude is currently trading on percent lower.

  • I still cringe when people ask me what I do.

  • Nazz breadth is just plain fugly (4:1 negative) although the old school hangs tough (3:2 negative).

  • I can relate!

  • Trannies 3000.

  • The teletubbies are still rationalizing. That's a bad sign.

  • Happy Birthday Collins! (Take tomorrow off)

  • Lotsa nastola looking charts out there--inverted cup and handles abound. And then there's the S&P dandruff...

  • The definition of an investment should never be a trade that's gone against you.

  • I have five 8" maquettes of the critters in my office and Hoofy's tail fell off this morning. Aside from the wild symbolism, I thought it was funny that I was Crazy Glue-ing his tail back on when Minyan Richard walked in to find me blowing on his arse.

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