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Beach Blanket Bingo


Talent may get you into the game but discipline will keep you in the game.


  • So Google pulls their IPO due to market conditions. It moderately alleviates the supply /demand dynamic but the risk to the psychology bubble is far more dangerous.

  • Why do indices always migrate to inflection points in front of a binary situation?

  • Crude $44 isn't in any models and while a sudden drop could spark a sharp snapper, it's showing no signs of abatement.

  • Does Russia matter yet?

  • These were the top worldwide summaries on Bloomberg last night: Two terror suspects arrested in Albany; Iraq clashes-Blast kill at least 14; Al-Sadr urges uprising against US; British citizen sought by US on terrorism charges; Chicago man arrested for plotting to blow up courthouse with truck bomb; UN/Sudan agree on steps to disarm militia; China hosts Japan in Asian Cup Final with crowd behavior under spotlight. Yeesh!

  • Philly Cheesesteak? Philly Minyanfest!

  • Is there a difference between Beach Blanket Bingo and Random Thoughts? Ahh, the three B's are more serious. ;-)

  • We flagged Nikkei 11,000 as a level. The funky fish failed to hold that mold (and is below the 200-day moving average) but bounced on Wednesday's intraday low.

  • Do 'hiders' flock to the metals or are they already there?

  • Will the psychology bubble prick or slowly deflate over time. Seems the latter would be more painful and thus the most likely.

  • Cheer up--it could be worse!

  • The difference between success and failure is often persistence and vision.

  • Hoofy's upside wish list continues to be better breadth, tech/financial leadership and volume confirmation.

  • Reynolds' wrap is why he's the best there is.

  • Why do I lose my appetite when I picture Tim Brown in a Bronco uniform?

  • The VXO (volatility) index "spiked" 13% yesterday. That was, of course, from a much lower basis. Old school Minyans know what a real volatility spike looks like. It looks like Thai Bhat and Microstrategies and airplanes...and the ripples always last much longer than anticipated.

  • As I said, it could be worse.

  • Corporate bond spreads remain snappy. They're not fail-safe (nothing is) but the credit market is typically more lucid than their equity brethren.

  • If today gives way, the Black Monday chatter will begin chirping.

  • BKX 96 and XBD 120 stonewalled the Matador City committee!

  • "Cat on a tin roof, dogs in a pile. Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile..."

  • Lotsa folks take August vacation. Factor those waif-like conditions into your risk profile please.

  • The German Dax 50-day and 200-day are spooning.

  • Two weeks from today in the middle of Colorado, the first annual Minyans in the Mountains financial retreat will be in full effect! Think of it as an embryonic Sun Valley for finance, media and entertainment with smart, sharp insights from some of Wall Street's brightest minds. And then leave it behind for an afternoon of softball, sunsets and mountain biking. Nice.

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