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Random Thoughts!


Saddam AND e-mini error rumors all at the same time?


  • Is there another word for synonym?

  • Look at a chart of the BKX...if you believe in coneheads, there's some pretty heavy dandruff out there. That said, watch this group for any sign of slippage/traction as they're the carrot to the Minxy horse.

  • Make sure you read the story of Uncle Sam & his kids in Sunday's New York Times. It's great commentary on the Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) and Freddie Mac (FRE:NYSE) situation.

  • That was a timely missive by Mr. Succo on Thursday.

  • QQQ $31.40 and DIA $91.50 are areas of resistance that I'm monitoring.

  • If you're looking for the ultimate outdoor adventure, your fellow Minyan Gwatti will hook you up! It's the Vermont you want!

  • The bar of expectation is set rather high for Cisco (CSCO:NASD). We know that Chambo is always bullish...but will he be bullish enough?

  • What if there were no hypothetical questions?

  • The housing bubble. Debt. Government Sponsored Entities. Think domino. BIG domino.

  • I wonder how Kit Deluca is doing these days.

  • November 12.

  • Mr. World Class Champion Buc's fan is hittin' the big city Thursday and Friday. I sure hope he doesn't bring Sapp with him--I'd have to learn him a lesson!

  • A good trader knows how to make money. A great trader knows how to take a loss.

  • Why hasn't the monster triple secret announcement hit yet? We're spicin' it up, cookie, and it's gonna knock your boots backwards!

  • The bad breadth continues as losers are trumping winners 3:1.

  • Why are bottoms typically points while tops are usually processes? Panic typically spikes at the low and hope springs eternal at the highs.

  • I never tire of watching The Graduate. Did you know that Mr. Roper was in that movie?

  • I've seen indicators that indicate much higher prices and others that point straight down into the abyss. The simple truth is that you can find ample support to any market hypothesis. Success is achieved by filtering out the noise and keeping your poise.

  • Daisy is the dairy diva. The "wow" cow. The sizzler with the Twizzler. The milkshake that makes the earth quake.

  • Young Fokker is currently getting another signature for the all-star guitar. Don't fumble the ball, kid!

  • eBay (EBAY:NASD) is re-testing the 102 zone where it originally broke out. Past resistance is current support.

  • Parliament. Big Ben. Parliament. Big Ben.

  • Big cap pharma is hanging tough.

  • If the Minx/Jinx relationship holds, we've got some decent downside left in the near-term, a grind back to retest the highs and then it's babaloo, Lucy. The permabulls will have alotta 'splainin to do.

  • Keep your head up, Mr. Rosenthal. All you can do is be a good son, brother and pillar for your family. And remember that this too, shall pass.

  • The internet, biotech and housing sectors continues to deflate, albeit slowly.

  • If something looks too easy, it likely is.

  • There are trades for the day, trades for a thesis and trades for a catalyst. Don't let the lines of distinction blur if you've got multiple positions.

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