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Random Thoughts


Be on the ball, Minyans

  • But did it call the kettle black?

  • Questions I really wanna know...
    • Will fears of a global slowdown be assigned as a reason for the rhyme when crude retreats?
    • Will Elmer use Katrina as an excuse to cut rates?
    • Is Hoofy trying to pick up dimes in front of a bulldozer?
    • Should the SPR be renamed "PR"?
    • Should I go to Foxboro with Fish to watch my Raidas?
    • If Elmer is the frying pan, is Bernanke the fire?
    • Is the VXO really pre-teen still?
    • Do you see that the internals are still positive?

  • Fear the Phoebe!

  • The PMI was abysmal (the worst reading ever for new orders) and that's fueling the global slowdown chatter. You know the drill--higher input costs, stagnant growth...s-t-a (see you real soon?) g-f-l (why? because we fear you) a-t-i-o-n. Today's business? Prolly not. Worthy of some time in your keppe this weekend? Absolutely.

  • The Craw! We're hearing chatta that some asset alligators are in motion (outa bonds and into stocks).

  • Critters gone wild!

  • "The positive relative strength today shown by the Russell 2000 is noteworthy, but it occurs within the context of lower lows and lower highs. It would take a move above 662 to shift the near-term negative context back to positive." -- Pepe Depew on today's Buzz.

  • He should be spanked.

  • Keep tabs on those piggies as they edge towards an important inflection point (BKX 98).

  • The techs are stuck in the middle with Boo. Support is at NDX 1550 and the August trendline rests at 1575.

  • I'll be selfishly taking Friday off to enjoy a much needed four day respite. Then again, maybe I won't.

  • As discussed this morning, there is a case to be made on both sides of the fence. I view Hoofy's perspective as a pure trade and Boo's take as an unfortunate but increasingly clear reality. The zillion dollar question, in my mind, is when perception will synch with that reality.

  • Bullish sentiment declined to 51.1% from 56.8% in latest Investor's Intelligence poll. Bearish sentiment rose to 27.3% from 25%. Those expecting a correction climbed to 21.6% from 18.2% in last week's reading.

  • The volatility sisters haven't a care in the world.

  • The skinny on real estate.

  • Setting stops removes emotions. That's been true for Boo through August and it helped Hoofy stick to his wick this morning.

  • A close buddy of mine was supposed to join us at Succofest tonight but sent an email to say "I may have to reschedule-I've been traveling for work, my mother is sick and I'm completely stressed." My response? "It's exactly 'those' times when an old friend is most needed. There's a lot of sadness in the world these days and sometimes we gotta make an effort to find the smiles."

  • Don't forget that today at 4:30pmET, our own Editor in Chief Greg Collins and Managing Editor Kevin Depew, along with Professors Jason Goepfert, Jeff Macke and Greg Weldon, will be in the Hamzei Analytics chatroom to discuss highlights of MIM2's theme, "Controlling Risk and Staying in the Game"

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