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Random Thoughts


Discipline is the common denominator of any successful trading strategy.


  • Fun with Fundies!

  • Has anyone actually had their leg pulled when they were being fibbed to?

  • Crude has spilled for 3.5%--keep this on your radar, as everyone else surely is.

  • While we're on our heels and crimson wheels, it's worth noting that the Lowry Selling Pressure Index dropped to its lowest level in almost ten years (Feb '95) on Friday.

  • I put in 15 miles on a mountain bike Saturday. Consistent with my generally accepted workout practices (GAWP), that will be grandfathered and allocated accordingly (1.5 miles per day for the last 10 days).

  • Shills and chills.

  • Bank of America (BAC:NYSE)--which split 2:1 today--has no quit in it.

  • Monkey business!

  • She should just try dating in New York City!

  • The breadth never found its footing outa the gate and has now worse than 2:1 negative across the board.

  • The housing "boom."

  • It could happen on Wall Street too!

  • While many USA athletes may not agree with me, I thought that this was one of the more enjoyable Olympics in recent history.

  • Why can't I shake the image of "Joshua" from War Games?

  • Snoop Tony Dwyer--softball player extraordinaire--just pinged in to say the Lowry's buying power index beat the June high by 1 point on Friday. This, coupled with the selling pressure index, reinforces his view that this is a pause in an ongoing bull tape. That said, his internal readings have become extreme and he argues for patient buying near-term as there is solid precedent for a pause that refreshes.

  • Mutual of Ohmygawd!

  • Crested Butte attendees should absolutely take advantage of Professor Miller's offer for a free one year anniversary issue of his excellent newsletter.

  • I'd hate to see the whole meal!

  • Bold gold continues to creep higher. The yella metal is up better than a finski while white lightenin' is better than 4% in the green.

  • I may take the end of the week off and attempt to practice what I preach. It's been a while (Crested Butte didn't count as I was preppin' for eighty attendees).

  • I guess he didn't see the stop sign?

  • Oh to live on Sugar Mountain...

  • During weeks like this, no news is good news. At least until Thursday (Intel (INTC:NASD) mid-quarter update) and Friday (Beeks).

  • Flight of the seabirds, scattered like lost words. Wheel to the storm and fly.

  • Thank you Mr. Roach!

  • More pics from the 'Butte! (Not to be confused with album one or album two)

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