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Randoms for the Road.


Hit 'em hard!


  • What's better than a burrito? Simple...two burritos.

  • A lesson can be learned from yesterday's action. When I powered up my Bloomberg on Sunday evening, I was surprised to see the Spooz down four and the metals up marginally (I thought the reaction would be more pronounced given the field position vis a vis our metric assimilation). That, to me, meant that there was underlying demand in equities and adequate supply in the metals. Sure 'nuff, stocks rallied and the metals softened.

  • I'm truckin' to Philly this weekend for Saturday's Dead show.

  • Did you know that you can adjust the Minyan font at the bottom of each page?

  • Minyans heading to the mountains, please remember to bring your softball glove. This promises to be one heckuva showdown!

  • The Daisy Dairy Divas?

  • Collins asked me during the move what the significance of the tall bottle of Budweiser was. I told him to ask young Billy Meehan.

  • My sense is that alotta Americans love our country but don't trust this administration and aren't thrilled with the alternative.

  • BKX 96. XBD 120. S&P 1107. See 'em cookie.

  • Cindy Lou. The smallest of the Who's.

  • A couple of more sideways sessions and the semiconductor bulls will point to reverse dandruff and lotsa upside gaps.

  • Imagine if they dipped the Devil in Visine?

  • Sixteen days. And no, it's not too late!

  • The simple truth is that the market can trade a lot lower and there would be ample cause. The issue isn't whether it does, it's when it does--and if there's a tradable rally in the interim.

  • By the time you read this, I'll be on a left coast critter mission and I'm jacked for these meetings.

  • Dubya was behind in most polls on Saturday. Sunday, after the terror warning, he regained the lead.

  • It was great to vibe with professor Reynolds yesterday. Salt of the earth.

  • The NDX 50- and 200-day moving averages have been doin' the limbo at 1446.

  • What goes around, comes around. All we have to do is the best we can do.

  • If you are a U2 fan and don't own the "Live at Slane Castle" DVD, please get involved.

  • The VXO (fear, er, volatility index) ended considerably lower yesterday in the face of fresh jitters. Telling?

  • "Come on Cletus! It aint nuthin' but a short walk. You might walk over, but you limpin' back!"

  • The Nazz breadth was 2:1 negative. Hoofy will have to step it up if he wants to mount the hump.

  • The best three Wall Street Movies of all time? Trading Places, Wall Street and...

  • Nikkei 11,000 is a pretty important level to watch.

  • Most Americans don't understand the mechanics of the currency exchange and won't know what hit 'em when the dollar devalues.

  • All you have is your word and your name.

  • Russell 560 (shoulder) should act as next small cap resistance.

  • Fare ye well, Minyans, and good luck in the muck!


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