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Doublin' Down with the Randoms Clown!


Have a fantastic weekend!


  • The best DeNiro role ever?

  • The brokers are taking a much deserved rest after a spirited sprint from the recent abyss.

  • A face for Radio! I'll be speaking on Moneytalk Sunday at 10:00ish AM in Wilmington Delaware (1450 on your AM dial)

  • Is your mood dictated by your P&L?

  • On average, 2.7 people are killed every year by vending machines.

  • Elmer must be going out of his mind!

  • The airlines are getting smoked on the heels of United Express' baggage handling implosion.

  • Americans eat an average of 18 acres of pizza every day.

  • Just listen to the music!

  • A group of frogs is called an army. (Not in France!)

  • Did Elmer read Stephen Roach before he spoke this morning?

  • Work at a big firm? Wanna make a name for yourself? Minyanville will offer a gratis trial sub to the whole squad on your behalf. Ping Collins for more details (he's the Lt. Mathew Markinson look alike in the pictures).

  • In response to the e-mails regarding the Crested Butte pictures, NO--I didn't swallow one of the critters!

  • Some feel good family fun Sunday afternoon reading.

  • That's gotta sting!

  • Bank of America (BAC:NYSE)--the stock that keeps on givin'--splits 2:1 next week.

  • It's good to see Mano Ginobli and Tim Duncan squarin' off (USA vs. Argentina on NBC right now).

  • One man gathers what another man spills!

  • Intel (INTC:NASD) mid-quarter update next week.

  • Bonus time already? Time to wear the torn collars!

  • I thought the Buzz rocked this week.

  • Ruby always used to say "never thank me."

  • C-a-p-a-c-i-t-y

  • Fleck, Succ and I are ALL on the same dollar page long term. I think the path we take to get there is where our circles don't exactly overlap.

  • No, Uncle Fester wasn't in Colorado. That's actually Bill Meehan III.

  • Who does number two work for?

  • That's PROFESSOR Weldon.

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