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Random Thoughts


This is my type of tape!


  • Someone snuck into my closet and replaced my entire wardrobe with the exact same clothes one size too small.

  • Mr. Succo pointed out a mistake in my opening missive. He opines that when the Japanese finally puke our debt, the dollar will get hit. Right now, the dollar may appreciate as foreigners continue to BUY our debt. It's perverse, in a way--rates will rise when they sell our bonds but they'll have to sell dollars when they sell our bonds (denominated in USD). Normally, the USD will rise when rates rise but that is because rates typically rise as economy strengthens (and foreigners are then attracted to those bonds as rates rise). But if they sell bonds because they want (need) to get out, it'll hit the dollar. A'ight?

  • For all ye faithful who missed the Crested Butte financial seminar, we'll be offering the presentation resource guide on the 'Ville shortly. Stay tuned!

  • The financials, while "stochastically extended," continue to trade dry.

  • You've heard about Succo and my conversation regarding the dollar and phi. What you haven't heard is the conversation that occurred when I asked him what he thought was at the end of the universe. Oofa!

  • Way to keep it together boys!

  • My grand plan of putting one cat (of two) on a diet by placing one of their meals on the counter each day has now backfired. Phoebe (the fat cat) has lost enough weight to effectively navigate herself to the forbidden fruit, thus rendering my technique useful. What I want to know is if she's now lost .6182 of the necessary weight, how to factor that into my future strategy.

  • Thank you to all ye faithful who are helping in the Charley effort. I plan to spend some time this weekend cleaning out my closets and sending supplies down south.

  • NASDAQ breadth is 3:2 negative thus far while the old school is balanced.

  • Emotional decisions may "work" in momentum driven tape, but they're the death knell in a rotational market.

  • All that's missing is the fan!

  • I totally "get" why the mainstream media would downplay terrorism (war of recognition attrition) but it still surprises me that simultaneous plane crashes (in Russia) just "disappear" from the radar.

  • Dubya is leading Kerry 47% to 44% in the latest LA times poll.

  • Talk about a swarm mentality!

  • Keep an eye on VXO 14ish (if and when).

  • From Lehman's Technical guru Jeff DeGraff: "Momentum and volume (seasonally adjusted) remain suspicious and the burden of proof remains on the bulls, but the good charts are starting to work again providing positive returns versus failures. Oversold bounce candidates, however, continue to lead in the performance field, a condition suggestive of mean reversion, not momentum.. 1107 represents meaningful resistance, the next level coming in at 1125."

  • What's next, metaphorical critters?

  • Novellus (NVLS:NASD) mid-quarter update tonight.

  • Dare to dream.

  • See the Caterpillar (CAT:NYSE) gap?

  • Didn't the Fed once say that the financial markets aren't a focus of their policy decisions?

  • We can't very well be disrespectful...

  • If each Minyan took five minutes and spread the word on our community, our global network would increase in scope. Please do the critters a solid and help "get it out there." Thanks kindly!

  • Crude Earl has his 50-day moving average at $41.84/brl.

  • Sprint is in here, Sprint is in there...

  • Succo and I were watching a segment on Shane Hamman last night. Inspiring stuff--particularly his caloric intake!

  • Hola Art Huprich!

  • What a coincidence, I have a husband named Dean Wormer!

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