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Random Thoughts


Now would be a fine time for some yotavational moga!


  • When I arrived in the Butte, the town paper had a huge article entitled "Wall Street Guru brings Minyanville to Crested Butte." My reaction? "Damn! What are the odds?!"

  • Stag-foiled again.

  • August 24th, 2004: The single most frustrating day of my career.

  • Minyan Jeff Saut discussed the chatter of the Barton squeeze in his (always excellent) column yesterday. Minyan JB dug out this tidbit that supports that story.

  • Mr. Dingmann spoke of the compression between natural gas and crude. This fits right in.

  • From our good pal Tony Dwyer: "Equities may find support from a very deeply oversold condition, possible asset allocation switches if bonds weaken and improved sentiment if oil takes a break. SPX most oversold since Mar. '03 low and NAZ more oversold than any other time since Oct. '02. At worst, it indicates further gains toward the upper end of resistance in the context of short-term downtrend outlined last Monday. "

  • Google (GOOG:NASD)--one of our chief tech tells--is gettin' hammered for 5%. That's pressurin' the other net names and casting a pall on tech.

  • Don't ya gotta root for Willis McGahee to make a strong comeback?

  • There is a financial website advertising an educational seminar with the quote "Good traders know how to make money, great traders know how to take a loss." Hmm...

  • There are benefits and caveats to each metric--that's why I've always used an assimilation to craft trade strategy.

  • Breadth has yet to confirm the downside.

  • There are good days and there are bad days. The key is to smooth the process while not allowing yourself to deviate too far from the middle (balance).

  • The semis (-2.5%) failed directly at the downtrend line (from July) that we highlighted yesterday.

  • Make goals, not war.

  • Equities rally with crude...and sell off with crude?

  • Volume yesterday was the lightest since New Year's eve. Wow.

  • As discussed yesterday, the only way I can see the greenback rallying is if Elmer takes his foot off the gas. Unfortunately, if he does that, the reflation effort likely deflates.

  • The cyclicals are retesting their 200-day moving average at CYC 670.

  • Minyanville Publishing & Multimedia, Inc. is looking for a jr. level administrative assistant. They must be aggressive, proactive and willing to work crazy hours. Please contact Collins for more information on how to climb aboard Team Minyan.

  • Is the metal smelting an unwind of the Olympic put?

  • Cream puffs and powdered sugar?

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