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The First Annual Crested Butte Awards


If you can't laugh at yourself, laugh at someone else!


  • The "hit me again Ike and this time put some stank on it!" award - Tuttle (poker) or Miller (softball)

  • The "longest yard" award: (TIE) Collins all night drive from Denver (to deliver the presentations) or Rhino Wilkes HR ball.

  • The "I take my TA very seriously" award: Warren Bachman

  • The "How ya like me now?" award: Kelly Carll, who slammed down a drink and proceeded to teach the mechanical bull a lesson (much to Daisy's horror)

  • The "Great Patron's" Award: David Passerman and Scott Littman.

  • The "hats off" award: (TIE) Judith, George and Toddo (nice lids!)

  • The "most in need of a nap" award: Infant George or grumpy Collins

  • The "and you can quote me" award: (TIE) "I used to have a girl friend that yelled at me like that...THEN I DUMPED HER!!!" (Kevin Tuttle), "Glass is...not cheap!" (Crested Butte shop owner) or "Life's not all cream puffs and powdered sugar" (Carter from the CB bakery).

  • The "access denied" Award: Adam Melinger from Wall Street Access who got locked out of his room

  • The "what are the chances?" award - Jason Roney, who calculated the probability of a bar fight occurring after Tuttle mentioned how peaceful people in Colorado are. Two minutes later, an old fashioned bar room brawl broke out.

  • The" most likely to come back in his next life as a sporting goods model" award: David Miller.

  • The "most likely to come back in his next life as a ballerina" award: Toddo (I assume this is due to my uber-noice stretches at first base).

  • The "I couldn't catch a cold much less a softball" award: Fokker.

  • The "I can't run around the bases with two beers and a hot dog" award: Collins.

  • The "Now I know why they call the Denver "D" the orange crush" award: Scotto.

  • The "most likely to make the cover in the Crested Butte edition of Texas Hold'm magazine for best dressed" award: Tickles Tuttle.

  • The "most likely to teach dance class to Crested Butte prison inmates" award: Tony Dwyer.

  • The "most likely to slam dunk on his own 4 foot tall basketball court" award: Scotto Reamer

  • The "most likely to conduct a complete interview with two random strangers on a 5am trip to the airport" award: Pepe Depew.

  • The "you're lucky I was looking or you'd be between the Rock and a hard place" award: Dany Johnson.

  • The "most likely to beat a Toddo softball team by the mercy rule (twice)" award: The Succo family.

  • The "what were you thinking" award: (TIE) The guy who bit thru a pint glass in the bar fight (non-Minyan related) or Toddo for his head first "Charley Hustle" dive into second base while already down 25 runs.

  • The "Dr. K" Award: Bill O'Herron (softball) or Fokker (ladies).

  • The "most eye catching show of athleticism" award: (TIE) Jim Bridges for laying out to snap a hard hit liner or Snoop trying to jump up to point at the screen during his presentation.

  • The "CPR resuscitation" Award: The Crested Butte Fire Department for supplying a projector when ours was MIA.

  • The "like father like swine" award: Bill Meehan (after slipping on home plate in his first at-bat and covering himself in mud).

  • The "I didn't need this finger anyway" award: Karen Landry.

  • The "it's OK for the bartender to ask my age but not alright for you to tell him" award: Stephanie Brooks.

  • The "center of attention at the top tick" award: Neal Dingmann.

  • The "see, I told you that Mark Messier could play softball!" award: Scott Pollack.

  • The "long arm of the law" award: David Passerman.

  • The "know your customer" award: (TIE) Dean Mendes and Eric Knight.

  • The "my Delta Tau Chi pledge name is Sleepy" award: Cynthia Dietzmann.

  • The "he's such a nice guy we have to give him an award" award: Jim Nichols.

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