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Random Thoughts


Thank you all for all you do!


  • Will the kiss of death in the S&P matter? Either way, the 50-day crossed (lower) through the 200-day last week.

  • Neil "I'm not ready to leave the Eldo yet" Dingmann made some great points in his presentation regarding the disparity between natural gas and crude.

  • The KC Fed holds its annual conference in Jackson Hole Wyoming on Thursday. I smell a pairs trade!

  • Can you believe that United Air lost my luggage on the way home too? I'm gonna smack Simon (their voice recognition software).

  • Why the outsized bounce last week? Oversold, very thin and expiration (negative gamma). Also, once the S&P 1080 hump was mounted, lotsa technical shorts lost their catalyst.

  • There was a moment last night when you were sandwiched between the two Finnish dwarves and the Maori tribesman...

  • NDX 1360--where we failed miserably--is back in play. And no, I don't believe that this move has put it behind us (yet).

  • Stagflation or deflation? If Elmer pumps more juice into the system, we prolly see an exacerbation of the former (and a fugly dollar). If he lets the Minx walk without crutches, we'll likely see the latter (along with a snappy greenback). Either way, we've got some serious issues.

  • Yes, Dany--I'm still looking up and saying "thank you" for the fact that you were looking when I fired that relay home.

  • Was everyone front-running the "inevitable" crude pullback last week?

  • Before I scooted to the Butte, we spoke about the positive divergence in the piggies and the "bid below" in many of the mainstays. Sure nuff....

  • The DAX has poked through 3700--please keep an eye on this.

  • The metals are gettin' hit like a David Miller pitch. Ditto for fixed income.

  • Snaps to "Tickle me" Tuttle for being the nice guy he is. After a full night of Texas hold 'em at Kochevar's, Kevin gave the locals back their lost coin.

  • If Minyanfest was gymnastics, we would have stuck the landing with the Saturday night Smores.

  • The semis are testing the downtrend line from the beginning of July.

  • Thank you Stephanie for everything you did and everything you are.

  • I learned something from every presentation. Fascinating stuff. And yes, we will be sending all attendees a contact list of new friends in the Minyan network.

  • The ability not to trade is as important as trading ability.

  • Does The Slogar deliver?

  • We'll elongate the 'fest next year and include a round of semi-final softball before the championship game. And James Wilkes is on MY team!

  • The dollar index held (and bounced) right near DXY 88 support and has edged through both the 50- and 200-day support.

  • Snoop Tony Dwyer and Kevin "Pepe" Depew will be back on the 'Ville if I have anything to say about it. They are Minyans to the core. On a separate note, video excepts of Snoop's Elaine dance will soon appear on the Critters Gone Wild: 'Fest in the West edition.

  • We're now entering the post-earning quiet period. As such, fundies prolly drop to the bottom of the metric food chain and psychology upticks in relative weighting.

  • When Google turns (GOOG:NASD), the tape likely follows.

  • It's amazing what happens when you get smart people with common values together.

  • If you keep setting higher goals for yourself, you'll never enjoy how far you've come.

  • Has anyone seen a black Tumi bag?

  • Next year, EVERYONE brings the fam!

  • Keep an eye on Wal-Mart (WMT:NYSE)--it's creepin' while ya sleepin'.

  • Now we can say it--our projector got lost in transit on the way to the Butte (where IS Pueblo, Colorado?). Many thanks to the CBFD for coming to our rescue and saving the day!

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