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Random Thoughts


Our goal in the 'Ville is to communicate both sides of the trade such that you see what the other side of your trade is thinking.

  • I told my wife she looked like a hoarder. She said "You really think so?" On the heels of this morning's news that Iran seized a Romanian oil and gas rig, please note that another oil tanker, this one with 19 Russians on board, is being held off the Guinea Coast.

  • Turnaround Tuesday or Bipolar Stroller? The early bird is a mirror image of yesterday's scrimmage. The homies are higher, the dollar is strong (+60 bips) and the metals, thus far, are pretty in pink.

  • Speaking of which, I wonder if Andie and Blaine had a good life together?

  • When in doubt, wait it out (or choke up on your risk bat).

  • My mainstay stochastics continue to support (not predicate) my short side try.

  • Don't forget dodgeball! Pirates love dodgeball!

  • Note the VXO as it toggles a ten-handle. I just don't think that adequately reflects the world we live in.

  • I'll make more coin on the downside (hence my bear costume) but, through objective eyes, I'll offer the following:
    • NYSE Breadth is working 9:5 (what a way to make a living).
    • I'm watching the financials like a falcon (which, in many ways, resembles a hawk).XBD 220ish (failed there a few times since May) should be circled along with BKX 114ish).
    • All's quiet on the commodity front as the CRB is fifteen scant basis points below where it opened.
    • The biggest fly in today's upside try? Prolly the dollar, which is sticky green in the Matador scene.

  • A bull market and bear market exist at all times, with the residual grist dripping to the front pages of tomorrow's financial press. Our goal in the 'Ville is to communicate both sides of the trade such that you see what the other side of your trade is thinking.

  • I could swear that the last time we saw Goldilocks, she was hanging near the May 10 top. Food for thought as she starts making cameos across Wall Street.

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag

    "Toddo, Do you see the bullish flag/pennant forming on the NASDAQ 100? A swift 3-day rally with a gap and then consolidation for the past four days. If it's valid, then we could be in the midpoint of the current rally. No? Keep up the great work Minyan Ziad"


    I "see" what you're looking at but I'm unsure if that's a traditional pennant. I see three consecutive "lower highs" and a constant low (at NDX 1557). I suppose we can call it a flag with a stop below the previous lows, if you're feeling horny (in a bull suit, not libido sorta way).

  • Shakes on a Plane? Not in this world, not with this FAA.

  • The semis, trannies, biotech and homies are trying to secure the spots on today's trading totem pole.

  • While waiting to be picked up outside the Toronto Airport Friday night, I had a conversation with a Canadian Customs officer. He shared his thoughts on what he believed really happened on 9/11. It was jaw-dropping, particularly considering 1) his position as a government agent and 2) that the discussion was completely unprovoked.

  • Dabney Coleman. Now there's an actor who has quietly forged a consistent career.

  • I've done more manicuring than trading today (and yesterday, for that matter). I have my bet on and I've learned not to overtrade as a function of boredom. It took me a long time--and cost me alotta money--to learn that but hopefully, through reading the 'Ville, you'll avoid some of our missteps.

  • It would be "Un-Minyan" to highlight the five session sweep by the Yanks. So I won't. In fact, I won't even bring it up...

  • White light to Minyan Moutaineer Di Brand and her gorgeous grandmother.

  • R.P.
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