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Random Thoughts


Good Gawd!


  • How many of you have the number "6" scribbled on your note pads?

  • The critters will be making their first appearance on Bloomberg radio today. Wait...can you appear on radio?

  • Prayers to all the good people in the Middle East who are living in fear of terrorism.

  • I understand that this morning's stop levels were a little confusing but please understand that I can only write so fast. The market is dynamic and there will be times that I augment my trading approach as a function of the action. I will always be honest with the Minyanship--you know that--and while the Boo jiggle may have seemed inconsistent, my intentions were pure. To be clear: for purposes of my imagery, I will go on vacation in the buff. I will, however, carry my defined risk puts in the financials as I want to maintain that bias.

  • The light at the end of the tunnel that everybody is running towards could be a train.

  • The original name of "7 up," when created in 1929, was "Bib-label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda"

  • The plight of the bears is like little kids sitting in the backseat of a car on the way to vacation. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Wallyworld awaits...but man, it's been a long drive!

  • Rosa Flecksicana!

  • The best fades are always the hardest fades.

  • The Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) conundrum is that it's my most intuitive short idea (three ways to win: housing bubble, derivative bubble, debt bubble) but it's become a crowded cult short (and thus, prone to potential snappers). I will remind you (again) that this is not advice--we don't do that here. I share this with you because the fate of this company has monstrous implications for the health of our financial system.

  • Carter Mansbach--go left!

  • We are now peeking through the S&P trendline from the August 6 mini-low .

  • Is Barry Bonds reading Random Thoughts?

  • Michael Dell dumped another 10,000,000 shares this week (it's good to be the king)--but don't worry, business is getting better!

  • What's your favorite Gene Hackman role?

  • Are you in a funk? Not happy? Snap out of it! Life's too short to walk around pissed off!

  • Happy Birthday Penn!

  • Too...many...bulls.

  • I think Fokker is secretly gonna miss me.

  • Succo's a natural.

  • The buyers are always higher and the sellers are always lower.

  • BKX 870 is "a" level. BKX 850 is "the" level.

  • It's gonna thin out as we edge closer to the close.

  • FUBAR!

  • When does retail roll?

  • When you're celebrating your holiday, please don't drink and drive. If you need reinforcement, visit my brother Joel.

  • Breadth is 2:1 negative across the board.
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