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Random Thoughts


Sometimes the most painful stories to tell are the ones that resonate the most.

  • Come on, boys! The way you're lollygaggin' around here with them picks and them shovels, you'd think it was a hundert an' twenty degree. Can't be more than a hundert an' fourteen!

  • I think Time Warner's move to a free AOL is smart. I also think they could charge a nominal fee for instant message and make a ton of coin.

  • The trannies are trading heavier than a sweater in the summer. Until this complex can find stability, it'll be a Jeff Goldblum size fly in the bovine ointment.

  • The Money Tree, which is old hat to some Minyans, has gotten alotta play from our friends at MarketWatch. Sometimes the most painful stories to tell are the ones that resonate the most.

  • The Homies showed some impressive relative strength yesterday afternoon and continue to make a baked in the cake case.

  • The weekly Investor's Intelligence survey found a drop in bullish sentiment to 41.5% from 42.2% and a jump in bearish sentiment to 36.2% from 34.5% in the prior week.

  • Aquaman is speaking, are you listening? MVHQ would like to remind Minyans migrating to the mountains to please make sure you HYDRATE before you head to the hills. While the Rockies will be breathtaking, the combination of heat and high altitude will take its toll if you fail to drink gallons of high quality H20. Please don't wait until you get there as your body needs a strong head start. We want all of you healthy, energized and in top shape as we roast the S'mores and tally the scores! Thanks kindly for your time and have a great day!

  • Gimme the microphone first, so I can bust like a bubble. Compton and Long Beach together, now you know you in trouble... Sorry, Bennet's Buzz put the good doctor in my head. I would also add to his vibe that, with many of the homebuilders off 50% since Ojai, "Debbie Downer has been baked in the cake. How much? Not sure--but my sense is they've got some upside before further downside. And yes, while that may be profitable, it's definitely cute.

  • Merrill's fairly aggressive (negative) comments on Goldman continues to weigh on the stock which is, we know, an important proxy in the financial space. My sense, for what it's worth, is that there's some meat on this bone.

  • As it stands, however, the tape is digesting the news with relative ease. Breadth is 3:1 positive, metals and energy are up a deuce (2%) each and the small caps and semis are doing their part (+1% each).

  • Gun to head--given my pure eyes--I think we take it out and trade higher. I told Hoofy, however, that he should define his risk (if possible) to protect against the vaunted Pop & Drop.

  • Television's JeffMacke© just pinged me from the CNBC studios to remind Minyans to check out his Fast Money segment tonight. He also asked for donations on "foundation" (whatever that is) as his make-up is melting in the triple digit heat.

  • S&P 1280 is right here, right now. Keep those eye-lids open, Minyans, as the ticks will flicker quicker if we glide to the other side of that ride.

  • In a world so cold, please try to do something Joel. It makes a difference.

  • As go the financials, so goes the tape? I offer that vibe with a conscious nod to Rotation Station and perceived out-performance of energy, metals and pharma (above DRG 340).

  • I'm a bad 'head, I know, but I forgot the fat man's birthday yesterday. I'll make it up to ye faithful with some good tunage today.

  • Answers I Really Wanna Know...
    • Is the laggage in the financials a "rolling rotation" that'll help stem an outright migration
    • Why do I get the sense that I'll lament not playing energy and metals in a much bigger way?
    • Is Hoofy gonna turn on his love light or will Boo find his scarlet fire?
    • Is that a double bottom in Pan American Silver and, if so, will this acne stick?
    • 3:1 Market internals or pending resistance in the S&P?
    • Should I stay or should I go now?
    • Are you watching Google as it ticks and trickles under the June lows?
    • Seventy-five degrees doesn't sound so bad right now, eh?


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