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Randoms from CB


Thanks Toddo!

  • Citigroup (C:NYSE)--the minxy big toe--rallied right back to the breakdown point ($44.80). If you look at this chart, it kinda sums up the market in a nutshell. It's at resistance (former support) and if (huge IF) it can push through, a lot of shorts will have lost their technical catalyst.

  • I learned first hand what the mountain biking phrase "ass over tea cup" means.

  • Alotta fundamental analysts have been scratchin' their noggins regarding the summer slippage. Please remember two things: this metric is forward looking and the news is always best at trading tops (and worst at trading bottoms).

  • Was 2003 a cyclical bull within a secular bear? My view is yes--but please remember that we won't know for certain without the benefit of hindsight. If we rip to new highs, 2003 was the start of a secular bull. If we continue to drip and slip, it was a cyclical hiccup. A'ight?

  • Professor Succo and his clan are in route from Utah to Crested Butte as we speak. Noice!

  • Gold busted through the 200-day moving average yesterday at $400. The next biggie for the yella metal comes into play at $410.

  • Google=Supply...especially when there are net outflows.

  • Keep DAX 3700 on your radars--it was the March and May support and is right now resistance.

  • I'm operating with very limited systems throughout the week--and many professors will be making their way out here in the next few days--so thanks kindly for your understanding. The content will be full thrust again on Monday.

  • The Slogar, which is our Minyan dining destination on Friday, has the best fried chicken that I've ever had.

  • On Friday, with the NASDAQ sitting on a trendline from the cycle low (10/02), we opined that a quiet weekend would bode well for the bulls. Sure 'nuff, the bovine brethren have found themselves right back at multiple resistance points (S&P 1080, BKX 96 and XBD 120). Can they punch through? Only if they can afford the fuel (crude)...

  • Identifying your time horizon is the first order of business.

  • With each new day, we get a few more Minyans signin' up for the Mountains. It's very exciting (and sorta humbling) that so many folks are trekkin' to this vibe. A few new additions/modifications to the itinerary list: Minyanville will be pickin' up the beer and wine tab at both dinners and the Thursday night Minglefest, we'll have a gratis continental breakfast at the Center for the Arts on each day of the presentations (carrot cake anyone?), there will be Minyan mountain biking on Friday and Minyan hiking on Saturday (for those not rafting) and there will be motivational Minyan yoga for those interested.

  • This is the most "emotional" election I can remember.

  • Nine deuce.

  • Tina Fey. Tina Fey. Tina Fey lemme love you lemme rock you Tina Fey, lemme love that's all I wanna do. Tina Fey.

  • The VXO (volatility index) is back under voting age. Uncanny, considering all that's going on in the world.

  • Me and Lorenzo rolling in the Benzo.

  • What happens when corporate debt comes due in 2006?

  • I'm gonna miss Brian, Fleck, Laurie and Jason this week.

  • The only person you have to impress is yourself.

  • Stagflation is starting to get more face time.

  • The dollar is the stealth bear. Most folks haven't even realized that their global purchasing power has been thwacked as it has.

  • The Dodgers?

  • The financials will tell the tale as they tetherball BKX 96 and XBD 120.

  • The problem with a service based economy is that it's a subjective valuation.

  • Go west, young Minyan.

  • Thank you Collins.

  • Bricco.


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