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Randoms from the 'Butte


Thanks Toddo!


• Crying? There's no crying in mountain biking!

• The hardest part about the "late great post bubble slow down" is that the savvy proactive thinkers will have hoarded cash. Unfortunately, that cash will be worth less and less money for generations to come.

• I've been spying the venues for the weekend festivities and they're tremendous. As a matter of fact--and just because I wanted to make sure it was safe--I fell on my sword and sampled the Slogar experience for dinner last night. It was worth every clogged artery!

• Folks out in these parts are just friendlier and more genuine. It's refreshing.

• Loud chewers or snorters?

• Drink that water and when you're done DRINK IT AGAIN!

• High altitudes definitely causes flatulence. But it wasn't me!

• I sure wish my Bloomberg wasn't taking 16 hours to load in new software.

• I'm flying blind out here and it's starting to freak me out.

• I mean honestly, they lowered rates to the point where they were negative. And what did you get? 4% growth and no jobs. Doesn't that frighten anyone?
• I would comment more on Friday's action but I'm A.D.D and don't really remember Friday.

• Stalkers should find more hobbies.

• There is legitimate two sided risk to this market. For the bulls, you have textbook "churning" under S&P 1080 resistance, back-end loaded September tech quarters, borderline offensive crude, post-stimuli comps and blind bulls who happen to be the same guys that still think Gore won the election. In Red Dye, they know that the NASDAQ trendline from the cycle low (10/02) is right here, right now. Couple that with some pressy cubs, twisty stochastics and the potential for a powerful psychological spark (oil) and it could make the furry blurry.

In childhood there was friendship. Trust. And respect. But in the Jungles of Wall Street....

• Remember in 2003 when the dip schtick wasn't broken (so don't fix it?) Turn that clown upside down.

• Collins slashed his foot this past weekend and is operating in a lot of pain. Take it easy on the kid as he's a pro and he plays in pain. Thanks Greg.

• I'm excited to hear the professor's presentations and am equally excited to share some vibes. A lot of faceless names will be no more in a few short days. Can you imagine if EVERYONE walked into the Idle Spur on Thursday and looked like Tony Dwyer?

• On Wednesday OPEC publishes its monthly oil market report.

• You know what sounds great in Crested Butte? Nothing. And a lot of it.

• We are now at the tail end of earnings releases for the second quarter. Notable releases include Lowe's (LOW), Deere & Co (DE), Home Depot (HD), Staples (SPLS), Applied Materials (AMAT), Medtronic (MDT), Autodesk (ADSK), Novell (NVL), Gap (GPS), Limited (LTD) and Intuit (INTU) among others.

• I arrived in the 'Butte Saturday afternoon (few hours delayed). My luggage arrived about ten minutes ago. I will spare you the thrust of my venting but I must comment on one thing. United Airlines has voice recognition software called "Simon." I promise you that if the critters or I ever find this guy, it's not going to be pretty.

• Bush= Stagflation. Kerry=Deflation. Either way, we're gonna need some donations.

• It'll be slow expiration week. Please be on the lookout for outsized moves.

It's not too late for you to join us for the Minyanville seminar in Colorado. I know it's a schlep, Cookie, but take me at my word when I tell you that we're doing everything in our power to make it a huge upside surprise.


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