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Random Thoughts!


I don't know about you, but I'M ready for the weekend!


  • In the middle of the chaos, Fokker, Succo and I settled into an outdoor cafe and discussed the meaning of life over a few sangrias.

  • Brokers have begun assigning value to the blackout with some estimating GDP revisions. Does anybody else smell an eventual rationalization?

  • Only three out of ten people can flare their nostrils.

  • I estimate that I've navigated more than 100 flights of stairs since this mess began.

  • Super Bowl Sunday has more parties than New Year's Eve.

  • There are almost a dozen doctors in the U.S with the last name of "Nurse."

  • My mother always told me to keep a flashlight and battery operated radio in my house. Shoulda listened.

  • How many of you tried to flare your nostrils?

  • Capstone Turbine (CPST:NASD) was up 8% yesterday and traded twice the average daily volume.

  • The northeast sushi market plunged last night.

  • The supply/demand equilibrium is convoluted in almost every market.

  • Ice Cube's real name is O'Shea Jackson.

  • If (huge if) this blackout wasn't an "honest mistake," would the government tell us?

  • Thank you Bear Stearns!

  • Next week's economic data: Consumer confidence and housing starts on Tuesday. Initial claims, leading indicators and the Philly cheese steak on Thursday.

  • I didn't see a single cop until about 9pm last night.

  • Expiration "pins" sometimes present trading opportunities by artificially pulling stocks towards strikes.

  • Fitz-Hume!

  • A young lady passed out from heat exhaustion in front of my building last night and New Yorkers did what New Yorkers do--we took care of our own.

  • Two midgets can produce a normal sized child. I suppose the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

  • Welcome Rice Owls!

  • There was some serious whippage in the futures market last night. I wonder how many of the fresh shorts have covered up?

  • If we don't know what caused the blackout, how do we know what didn't cause it?
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