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Random Thoughts!


They call me slick Rick!


  • The human thigh bone is stronger than concrete.

  • There was trading chatter this morning that the "hand" is buying bonds. I guess they cleaned up.

  • Regardless of your posture, Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) is a good proxy for the Double-D sentiment.

  • New Minyans, please take a moment to stroll down Main Street.

  • The S&P 50-day moving average is 989. The NDX 50-day moving average is 1243.

  • The cyclicals continue to impress. Look at the Danahers (DHR:NYSE) and Illinois Tool Works (ITW:NYSE) of the world.

  • Don't overlook Gary Coleman.

  • Stagflation: n. Sluggish economic growth coupled with a high rate of inflation and unemployment.

  • It's lonely in the bear camp. Especially with the media beating the recovery drum.

  • De la Hoya vs. Mosley is gonna be a good fight.

  • The consensus on the Squawk Box set is that the cookies are delicious!

  • Do you know the only nation that begins with an "A" but doesn't end with one?

  • The Dow Jones will confirm a point & figure breakout at 9400.

  • The solution to debt isn't more debt.

  • On average, 12 newborns are given to the wrong parents each day.

  • "Habit rules the unreflecting herd" - William Wordsworth

  • Raiders vs. Niners tonight. Take the bay, boyz!

  • I can't remember the last time I shaved before today.

  • Bonds!

  • So Grandma, whatdaya think this morning? "You look thin. Are you eating?"

  • Goldman Sachs (GS:NYSE) acts relatively heavy today (vs. its peers).

  • When bulls get grilled on the tube, dust off your buy tickets.

  • March 2000 top: P/E=31.7 July 2003: P/E=32.2. Am I taking crazy pills?

  • If you're not reading the professors on News & Views, you're missing some really good stuff!

  • How great would it have been if I called him "Elmer?"

  • Snickers is the most popular candy.

  • Wait till you see who we've got lined up for the CCA's. It's pretty slick! If you know of any interested sponsors, please direct them to the site. It's for the kids!

  • Nobody makes money in a bear market. Not even the bears.

  • Retailers act a bit lethargic.

  • If you're getting bullish on upticks and bearish on downticks, take a deep breath and a step back.

  • The NYC weather has been disgusting for over a month.

  • Thanks Kirky!

  • Ya know?

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