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Random Thoughts


Who's afraid of a little Snow?


  • "If I ever lose my mind, I hope that an honest person finds it and puts it in the Lost & Found" - George Carlin

  • Treasury Secretary Snow--who has been laughing in the face of mounting evidence--today came out and said that the world economy "appears to be slowing." That statement, which hit the tape around high noon, coincided with the pause in Snapper's cause. I don't "think" that his omniscient observation, in and of itself, will turn the tape lower (although the media will certainly assign it as a reason to the crimson rhyme).

  • Minyan summer camp, er, the Minyan Mountain Minglefest is less than a week away. I'll be making my way to the 'Butte tomorrow and getting the critters hydrated for their big shindig. The professors are jacked--particularly Dr. Dots and Plots Rich Gula--and I'm certain that this will pave the way to many happy returns. Daisy has been putting together a superb gift bag and every man, woman, child and critter attending this year's festivities has a lot to look forward to!

  • The combination of the NASDAQ trendline, constructive stochastics and newbie cubs (shorts) continues to set the stage for a possible Snapper. It may (or may not) happen today but if we can hold these levels and the weekend is quiet, the potential for a counter-trend bounce is certainly there.

  • Royale w/ Cheese.

  • The greenback is givin' some greenback (on the heels of the massive trade deficit) and has dropped through both the 50- and 200-day moving averages. DXY 88--there now--is decent support.

  • If the coming election was a movie, it would be No Way Out.

  • And NASDAQ 5000 was a good buying opportunity.

  • My dirty little secret is getting out!

  • I'm already hearing the arguments that fundies are getting cheap on a P/E basis. Two caveats: The "E" can still fall and, even if it doesn't, the multiples can continue to contract.

  • Fokker Kahn. Fokker Kahn!

  • The biowrecks have hiccuped 2% lower.

  • Stagflation or deflation? Tell me how fluid Elmer's hose will be in the years ahead and I'll answer the question.

  • If you're ONLY reading the Randoms--and yes, I'm talking to you--you're missing some of the very best content in the 'Ville.

  • Gold is probing $400 resistance on the heels of the sloppy dollar.

  • A horse is a horse, of course of course...

  • Team Minyan is busy preparing the Minyanville chocolate bars for Smoresfest USA.

  • Intel (INTC:NASD) has been down for nine straight days.

  • Randoms from the 'Butte?

  • There's nothing wrong with a little pizza on our time.

  • Did you really think I'd leave ya hangin' on the Randoms?

  • Daisy isn't invited to the Minyan BBQ at the Reamers for obvious reasons. Why do I get the sense that Tony Dwyer will be MIA all of a sudden.

  • RIP Julia Child.

  • I'm out next week and the content may be a bit laggy as the professors make their way to the 'Butte. Thanks kindly (in advance) for your understanding and fare ye well through August expiration!

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