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Random Thoughts!


Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.


  • Who didn't have a crush on Phoebe Cates as a kid?

  • With open interest greater than 100,000 options, is an Intel (Intel:NASD) pin to 25 in the cards?

  • There's been sizable put buyers in the semis the last few days and today's green smacks of squeezage.

  • N's over S's.

  • Fokker is the star of his softball league team. Barbie is runner-up.

  • Bonds continue to slide and a spirited debate has emerged on the street. Hoofy maintains it's bullish for equities as it portends a recovery. Boo insists that higher rates will put a choke hold on consumers. The winner will be announced in 10%.

  • I can't stop thinking of Jason's column on gold yesterday. I've dipped a toe in some of the mining stocks but please know that they're partial positions (25%) as I do some more work.

  • Yesterday's trivia question remains unsolved and the prized tee is still up for grabs!

  • Hi Judith!

  • With everyone and their sister waiting for the trading range to be resolved, is it safe to assume that the first move will be a false move?

  • Honey is often used as a center for golf balls.

  • This is a big level for the Russell 2000 (it's the third lower high).

  • The cyclicals have acted fabu with the notable exception of General Electric (GE:NYSE).

  • The potential for a major disconnect exists and I view that fact, in and of itself, as a disconnect vs. current vols. That's why I'm playing long gamma with a focus on the financials. While I happen to be trading them from the short side, long vol (as a stylistic approach) doesn't mean you have to have make a directional bet. Professor Succo will touch on this in future lesson plans but PLEASE don't trade options unless you're qualified.

  • Papaphobia is the fear of Popes.

  • Does anybody know what ZIP stands for (as in ZIP code)?

  • Watch for potential slippage in the retailers if rates continue to back up.

  • Bruiser jumped the fence and attacked Slurpee last night. Order has been restored but it was a minor crisis at the (southern) Harrison household.

  • BLINK! The S&P is back under the 50-day moving average.

  • Who are these people!?!

  • Baba ganoush has to be the coolest sounding food in existence.

  • The S&P is exactly where it was at the beginning of June. That's a whole heckuva lot of effort to get nowhere.

  • You know, I'm a very prominent surgeon and I can do something about your hump. What hump?

  • The notion of a massive sell-off seems as remote as the idea of a huge rally did in March.

  • The announcement is an any day thing now. As a matter of fact, it's already been announced on the web...if you know where to look. As soon as we get the wink from the powers that oversee, it'll explode onto the Minyanville scene like nothing you've ever experienced before!

  • Day-to-day trading has become somewhat random. Thematic trading is much easier to approach.

  • Are you a good egg?

  • Friday's expiration will affect the trading tenor. I've always found that these events exacerbate volatility as dealers scramble to trade their negative gamma.

  • If you look closely, Rocky didn't have the eye of the tiger in the first flick.

  • Bonds. Sloppy Bonds.

  • I sure hope Snoop is having a good vacation. It's so important to get away and balance, particularly when you're tickling flicks all day.

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