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Random Thoughts


Boo's my daddy?


  • Keep this freak away from the 'Ville!

  • Hawkish vibes in the Middle East.

  • View obstacles as opportunities. It'll make a massive difference in your professional and personal path.

  • "If our Japanese were better we'd consider moving our operation to Tokyo. That's how impressed we are with the breakout and acceleration in the index. One of our favorite confirming indications is the price action of the banks. We have put in a long-term chart of the Nikkei bank index. Using a simple moving average cross-over system has provided reliable indication of trend, and this index has been in an uptrend for months. One thing to remember when buying stocks is that when a market emerges from a bear market you should not fear strength; the strength, particularly those confirmed by group action." Vibes from Lehman Scribe Jeff DeGraaf

  • A peek inside Farley's high school locker.

  • "JPM could be suffering from Fannie Mae (FNM) blues, that stock trading near five year lows. JPM and FNM are sisters, joined at the derivative hip. As my position declines in FNM, I begin to build one in JPM." -John Succo on today's buzz (John has a position in fnm and jpm)

  • The triple lindy!

  • NDX 1582 was yesterday's low. As was S&P 1228. Keep both on ye radar please.

  • The world's smallest wetsuits?

  • I've still got both paws in my metaphorical fur (50% conviction on the short-side) but I'll be buff (sans costume) by the time we fly in the sky to Ojai.

  • Why can't I get the image of the energy stocks running down the field and "lateraling" the ball to the metals?

  • SOX statue? The semis continue to whisper 450 gently in my ear.

  • Dude! Dell is getting stoned (-8%).

  • There are few folks who I respect more than John Succo. That being said, he and I have a date with destiny (Saturday 1 PM) and the gloves will come off when the mitts are on!

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: Toddo- I was watching a show on CNBC the other night (no names mentioned) and they were having the "lightning round." I know very little about energy but I can tell you that 4 out of 5 questions were on energy, the other question being on tech. I know your long-term thesis but I believe we have reached some sort of extreme even if this is the sector for years to come. peace, Minyan JB" MJB, Yes-I don't disagree that there is a meaty energy pullback somewhere in our midst. My point this morning was that, as a function of my secular beliefs, I prefer to pick my spots on the buy side (in this group and the metals) while picking my spots on the sell-side in tech and financials. "

  • My content will be a bit sparse next week as I focus on the task at hand. Thanks in advance for understanding as we build upon the Minyanville mission.

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