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Random Thoughts!


Neil musta forgot my address!


  • Asphalt is a funny sounding word.

  • You've gotta respect the financials (both ways). Please note that this will likely be the most volatile sector once Elmer spills his beans.

  • As a female cow, could Daisy keep a kosher home?

  • Who got luckier in the 70's? Peter Frampton, Scott Baio, David Cassidy, Leif Garrett or Johnny Bravo? In all honesty, these types of questions aren't really my bag but Fokker begged me to ask the Minyanship.

  • I thought Professor Succo's article (yesterday) regarding the potential "hand" was spot on.

  • If you haven't read Larry Connor's fantastic article/interview with Jim Rogers, please make sure you do so at your earliest convenience. After reading it, I felt like Fletcher Reede in Liar Liar. "And the truth shall set you free!"

  • It was a pick. It was a scratch!

  • Applied Materials (AMAT:NASD), Computer Science (CSC:NYSE) and Maxim Integrated (MXIM:NASD) highlight tonight's earnings.

  • The MONGO Minyanville announcment is coming any day now. I know, I know....

  • Why did energy pique my "investment" interest? It's a commodity, for one, with tangible value and I think there will be a premium on that in the coming years. Once upon a time, that sector accounted for 30% of the S&P. When the dust settles and the issues in tech and the financials become apparent, I think those names relatively outperform.

  • Other than blood flow, we're not seeing much by the way of merchandise.

  • It doesn't matter how stocks open, it only matters how they close.

  • Colin Farrell's girlfriend is going to give birth to a baby boy and he wants to name him Fokker. I couldn't possibly make that up.

  • Hoofy continues to feel that this is a healthy basing and is pointing to the (constructive) stochastics in the leadership sectors. Boo feels that this is a churning (under resistance) with sponsorship slowly waning.

  • Goldman Sachs initiating coverage of Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) today with an "in-line" rating (vs. the outperform rating it previously had). In the text, they opined that "while the company has built one of the financial-service sector's most consistent earnings machines, reinforced by one of the nation's strongest managements, we believe the sweet spot is passing." Ya think?

  • Fokker is changing his name to G. Fiddy.

  • HEY YOU! Don't force it.

  • Citigroup (C:NYSE) looks like it's forming some pretty nasty dandruff.

  • Big things are afoot at Minyanville (not just the event).

  • See the Deere (DE:NYSE) breakout? Is it too obvious to think it'll follow the CAT tracks (CAT:NYSE)?

  • You know what they say about good eggs? Good eggs always get laid.

  • After seven full trading months, the score is: Boo 2, Hoofy 3 and Sammy 2.

  • S&P 960 will break a triple bottom while S&P 1010 and 1020 will break triple tops.

  • If you're enjoying Minyanville, please help us in spreading the word. Our readership is our lifeline.

  • Relax your grip on the handlebars and you'll enjoy the ride much more.

  • But Toddo, other economic expansions were accompanied by a rising rate environment. Yes, but other recovery attempts didn't begin on the heels of the world's biggest financial bubble.

  • Pet peeve: loud chewers.

  • Sorry for your loss, Peter.

  • News and Views is the best collection of thinkers I've ever been surrounded by.

  • Dr. Melfi's attacker in the recent (repeat) episode of the Soprano's was named Jose Rossi. J. Rossi. Get it? (Think Goodfellas)

  • That was very cool of Neil Glassman to send all of his accounts a few bags of Minyanville's famous chocolate chip cookies!
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