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Random Thoughts


Gotta little itch, huh?

  • Is this a precursor to hell freezing over?

  • From the Ojai welcome note: "Be intensely casual, both in perspective and clothing. We're in the mountains and our mood and 'tude should reflect that."

  • This jibes with the inversion perversion that we often discuss in the 'Ville.

  • I see dead people? With gold up $9 and crude actin' loco, it shouldn't be a shocker to see the CRB lifting to new '05 highs.

  • Critter Nation!

  • "Underneath the hood it's a bit mixed; net new buy signals on the NYSE slightly outnumber net new sell signals, NASDAQ sell signals handily outpacing net new buys. The NYSE could change very quickly, however, with any slight push below yesterday's lows, so keep a hand up if dancing with Hoofy." -- Pepe Depew on today's Buzz.

  • Crazy legs crude continues the climb to $100/brl. I offered earlier this year that that level wouldn't shock me but I'd be lying if I said that I thought it was this year's business!

  • Chinese food for thought.

  • Iran. I ran so far away. (couldn't get away)

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "Toddo, I find a day like today much more difficult to trade. Is it just me? Today feels much tougher than yesterday? Minyan WW"

    MWW- Then don't trade! As we edge through the long, hard road, the onus will be on us to pick our spots and stay disciplined. I'll say it again because I firmly believe it--the ability not to trade will be as important as trading ability. You simply have to mentally prepare yourself for "missing" a move. That psychology is one of the toughest things to learn in this business but it's one that will serve you in good stead as we edge forward through the muck.

  • Funny-I play this role every day!

  • Will you really be that surprised when multiple contraction arrives? As each of our four primary metrics are inherently flawed as individual approaches, it seems to me that the pure fundamentalists may get caught in the "cheap and cheaper" trap.

  • Christopher Columbus can't be happy.

  • Or maybe he is?

  • I've still got two legs in that frisky fur although I'm admittedly getting itchy. Not because I think Hoofy is gonna stuff Boo's "bovine summer bummer thesis," but because I'm gonna be away from the screens for the better part of next week and I've learned that risk in absence is not risk worth taking.

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