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Minyan Mountain Magic


Bring the whole fam!


Well she's walking through the clouds
With a circus mind that's running round
Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and fairy tales
That's all she ever thinks about is riding with the wind.

(Jimi Hendrix)

The first annual Minyans in the mountains retreat is NINE (count 'em!) days away and the critters are beside themselves with giddy excitement. Crested Butte provides a beautiful backdrop to build relationships, further financial skillsets and vibe with the Minyanville family. All attendees will receive a special collection of gifts that include the new Minyanville DVD, posters, tees, cookies, the 100-year Dow chart and much, much more. Below is the latest itinerary of what's scheduled for ye faithful.

Thursday August 19th

7:00 pm: Welcome reception and Minglefest at the Idle Spur on Main Street. Shoot pool, play cards, toast the critters and get to know your fellow Minyans and the attending professors.

Friday August 20th

8:00 am-12pm: Center for the Arts

Intro and welcome

Kevin Tuttle - 100 years of Dow
Kevin takes you and the critters on a technical historical journey of the Dow Jones Industrials from the early 1900's to present day.

Greg Weldon - "Weldon's Money Monitor: A global framework for the remainder of 2004."
Join the discussion about the current issues facing traders in today's global macro environment and what to expect for the rest of the year.

Tony Dwyer - "Painting the market's picture."
Take a look at the current fundamental, technical and historical equity market backdrop

Kevin Depew - "Point and Figuring"
Point & Figure analysis using a basic and advanced approach to today's markets

Neal Dingmann - "Energy - are we in a new paradigm?
Join Minyanville's energy guru Neal Dingmann and explore the current energy markets.

Open Panel Question & Answer following the presentations

12pm-4pm: Outdoor activities include mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, golf, fly fishing, river rafting, jeep tours, wildflower gazing and bench sitting!

4pm-6:30pm: Minyan softball! Bring your glove and your A-game as the bulls battle the bears.

8pm: Family style dinner at Slogar's compliments of the critters (alcohol not included).

9:30 pm-: What happens in the 'Butte stays in the 'Butte!

Saturday August 21st

8:00am-12pm: Center for the Arts

David Miller - "The Death of the Blockbuster Drug."
What will the "new" personalized medicine combined with downward price pressure mean for the traditional goal of drug and biotech companies creating the billion dollar drug?

Rich Gula - "Vertical Volatility Trading."
Exploring short-term risk-averse trading models to exploit the market's volatility.

Jason Roney - "Statistically speaking."
Managing gap opens based on probabilities, trend forecasting as well as presidential election what if scenarios

John Succo - "Vicis the hedge fund"
The art of operating a hedge fund in today's environment

Scott Reamer - "Technical Analysis: Slaying Wall Street's Sacred Cows"
Toward a new model for understanding asset prices

Toddo - "Trading Style: How to Approach an Increasingly Difficult Market"
Join Toddo for a tutorial on how he approaches challenging trading environments.

Open Panel Question & Answer following the presentations

1pm-4pm: Optional white water rafting trip with team Minyan, mountain massages or any other outdoor activity that tickles your fancy!

4:30-8pm: Sunset BBQ at the Reamer's Crested Butte House compliments of the critters (alcohol not included).

8:00 pm- What happens in the 'Butte stays again stays in the 'Butte!

This is going to be a fantastic opportunity vibe with your fellow Minyans so bring your family--the more the merrier! For more information on how to join us in the Rocky Mountains, please click here for more information and further details. We have a dedicated Minyan travel representative who will locate the cheapest flights and offer a range of accommodations. Just click, pick and get jacked--this is one for the ages!

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