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Sleepy Hollow


Fare ye well.


The flickering ticks have picked up in pace as the gorillas begin to do their thang. As discussed, we've begun to see sizable prints in ETF land and, after yesterday's jam job, Snapper is on everyone's radar. This, of course, leads to the natural question: is this live or just some hand jive?

I've already seen the "climb aboards" jump on and while I'm unsure if this will stick, I've been manicuring my risk profile (both ways) heading into tonight's earnings. The earlier appendage try is basically a push and, as I'm slimming down into the bell, I want my posture to reflect that bias. I'm goin' home naked (sans costume) and I'll play a fresh nine tomorrow. Why not keep the lone leg in? The tone, a handful of constructive charts (BBH, financials) and the uncertainty of earnings. Discipline over conviction.

I'm gonna scoot so I get this to you in a timely fashion. I sincerely hope you all had a profitable day and, if not, that you've got the balance to keep it in perspective. Just remember, tomorrow is promised to nobody.

Have a peaceful night.
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