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Random Thoughts


Do you know who I am!?!


  • The Laker's, if healthy, are gonna be the team to beat with Payton running the show.

  • Just in case I haven't said it lately, there's zero doubt in my mind that there's a housing bubble. Real estate is a lagging indicator and the effects of the equity pin prick have yet to ripple. Just one guy's opinion.

  • If we get another leg lower, I'll likely "roll" my stops down. If we reverse (higher), I have levels that allow me to remove emotion from the process.

  • The dip buying mentally is so ingrained, it's habitual. That's both bullish (self-fulfilling) and horrifically bearish (massively complacent).

  • Elmer is effectively squeezing the public into the market by leaving them no viable investment alternatives.

  • Did you ever notice that yellow taxis can't drive on the highways very well?

  • The "feel" on the furry appendage add was timely--as in, ABOUT TIME! The question now becomes one of horizon and risk management. The Citigroup (C:NYSE), Intel (INTC:NASD)and Cisco (CSCO:NASD) action, coupled with the recent "bid" under the market and acne on the charts, is why I'm staying very tight and defined.

  • Ostriches can run faster than horses.

  • Why is it that Dubya is starting to remind me of Clinton? Close...but no cigar.

  • It's official--I haven't eaten in 24 hours. Nice job Fokker.

  • Phoebe Cates? Aloha, Mr. Hand!

  • BBH 132 is an important inflection point as a tech sentiment tell.

  • We've got a new columnist coming that's gonna knock your sox off! :-x

  • I think that this administration is gonna have a lot of questions to answer.

  • Thanks Casey.

  • While the "stick and move" style of trading worked wonders for a long time, "trend" investing has returned. The zillion dollar question is: if everyone' sees the trend, is it too obvious?

  • Wait'll Otis sees us...he loves us!

  • Most homeless people are inflicted with an undiagnosed mental illness and never received proper care. If you don't want to give them money, you can always buy them a meal. Just a thought.

  • There's chatter on the street that Chambo was misquoted overnight regarding his "call" of a I.T recovery. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm involved in the name but I wanted to make sure you saw it.

  • After two straight nights of sleep eating, I've ordered all chocolate removed from my home.

  • Will the Rangers or Knicks ever win another championship in my lifetime?

  • Phlegm is a funny word. So is urethra.

  • Do you know anybody--one single person--who thinks we put in a new low this year?
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