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More Random Thoughts!


Good luck into the close!


  • Could my follically challenged situation be a function of these 8 screens?

  • There is a fair amount of noise each day in the market. A good trader sifts out the tones and tenor.

  • What do FNM and Andre the Giant have in common?

  • "A real leader faces the music, even when he doesn't like the tune" --Anonymous

  • This is a Sammy type of session (so far).

  • Earmuffs!

  • Variant thinking sometimes clouds the obvious.

  • I keep the S&P futures next to the SPX cash on my screen and the Nazz futures next to the NDX cash. Why? I like to monitor the price action of each underlying index vs. the futures activity. Typically, a "cash led" move (either way) is indicative of truer demand (supply).

  • Alright, it is again.

  • At the risk of Hoofy smackin' me upside the head, I'll remind you that selling hope and buying despair has worked like a charm the last few years (even if the timing is off). Just puttin' it out there.

  • This is constructive action (thus far) on the heels of yesterday's ramp.

  • Why is it that IM's always come in bunches? Very annoying.

  • Why am I so busy on a slowish day?

  • If you've been struggling, step back and breathe. Then step up and try to make first, build up the mojo and play to win.

  • The brokers continue to act firm and have poked through the June highs. This is a good example of identifying a horizon and trading vs. investing. I think all these names are acne bound (teenagers in waiting) but got long some this morning on the PERCEPTION of increased investment banking revenue due (M&A activity).

  • This is the 'show me' earnings season. The scared bears are beginning to believe that it won't matter and liquidity will trump all. That, on the margin, is a potentially ominous sign.

  • Fokker Kahn, Fokker Kahn...

  • I miss mountain biking.

  • Trannies up a Benjamin. Wow.

  • If you're having trouble following the lingo, visit the library and check out the dictionary. If you're jonsin' for some chill fashion vibes or got the munchies, check out the stores on Main Street.

  • Congrats to Henry Scholder on his first book, "The Honorable Correspondent."

  • Have a peaceful night.
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