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More Random Thoughts!


Fare ye well into the bell!


  • "His astounding reply: "I don't know." So much for transparency."

  • Casino mentality

  • You gotta have both fear and arrogance to play this game" - Crash Davis

  • I've been actively trading silver both ways for a while and the action recently has been astounding. I haven't been stopped this much since my high school prom!

  • The trannies have thus far held above the recent acne zone but the industrials have yet to jig (non-confirmation).

  • "There is a road, no simple highway between the dawn and the dark of night." (GD)

  • Note to self: Do not keep an open bag of Minyanville chocolate chip cookies in the office.

  • The Crested Butte affair isn't gonna be a big corporate shindig. It's gonna be a relatively small and intimate gathering of financial and media professionals who want to build their network and broaden their skill sets.

  • Excellent biotech column, David. Well done.

  • The metals act swelled, er, swell a day after gettin' beaten with an ugly stick. My first instinct is to point to the breakdown in the dollar but these moves seem relatively outsized.

  • The banks are retesting BKX 96 which "should" act as new resistance (it was former support).

  • It's official--Professor Gula has a crush on Daisy.

  • When companies are FINALLY forced to expense options, the final boot will fall.

  • I forgot how much I enjoy playing tennis. I also forgot how out of shape I am!

  • The S&P 200-day moving average is at 1100.

  • It's entirely alright to disagree as long as you are respectful in your view.

  • Was that a false breakout in the SML?

  • Lotsa critters in Jamaica.

  • I remain hopeful that Professor Weldon will soon make his Minyanville debut.

  • "I think we're going to be stacked. It's not about your position, it's about your disposition. So as long as you come out there with the right attitude it doesn't matter where you line up as long as you beat the guy in front of you." -- DE Tyler Brayton on Raiders' infusion of veteran players giving younger players good role models and infusing optimism throughout the locker room

  • Earnings tomorrow are relatively quiet but General Electric (GE:NYSE) will take center stage on Friday.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for Fleck--he'll come rompin' through the 'Ville tonight.

  • The RTH (retail holders) broke the 200-day moving average recently but their stochastics are "hooking" at the bottom (bullish). I think traders are gonna see alotta these types of situations--levels vs. oscillators--as we edge forward into the second half.

  • It's good to see my friend Herb Greenberg back online.

  • Have a peaceful night.

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