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Napa Randoms


Have a great session and we'll see YOU at the San Fran Minyanfest!


  • Kind smiles to the Macke's female trifecta-mama Kathy, wife Anne and Princess Helena-for a splendid fourth of July respite at their Napa Valley Digs. And thank you Jeff, for the hospitality, friendship and the most worthy competition in the first annual Mini-Macho Olympics. Dusty Rhodes couldn't hold a candle to your American dream.

  • In the vein of trading "in between," it's a shame we can't sell a bathroom or a random closet.

  • General Fari Hamzei, for whom I have the highest of respect, has asked ye faithful to take a good look at the work of Dennis V. Leontyev. His latest missive has been published on the eSignal site.

  • The Suplex Souffle shoulda given it away.

  • If the opposite of love is apathy (rather than hate), is the low volatility environment here to stay? It makes sense from the "great weed out" perspective but is tough to stomach from the "we're still here" reality.

  • But of course, we prolly already know that.

  • I continue to believe that an 'actionable' disconnect exists between perception (implied volatilities) and reality (where vols will trade). I would be genuinely surprised if the VXO doesn't trade well into the 20's by the time baby new year gets here.

  • The Scrap Wrap.

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "Toddo, I'm leaning towards coming to the Minyans in the Mountains retreat in August but I'm unsure on bringing the wife and kids. Thoughts? Minyan Jon." MJ- There will be plenty of families attending MiM2 and we encourage Minyans to bring the clan. In addition to a world class spa, there will also be a "kid's camp" that might appeal to the little ones.

  • (S)he prolly coulda gotten away with it if (s)he woulda been content with a "B".

  • I don't have any "top of the head" solutions to the CNOOC conundrum but I will offer that isolationism will further paint our nation into an increasingly dark and dangerous economic corner.

  • Blimey!

  • S&P 1192 (support) and NDX 1508 (resistance) remain levels to watch on this holiday shortened week.

  • Ditto BKX par (100) as the piggies will speak volumes if they can somehow poke through that acne.

  • When in Rome, or the crunchy confines of Tiburon as the case may be, I've been reintroduced to the world of yoga. Nothing crazy, mind you, just some plain vanilla yoga...

  • A Chinese Fire Drill?

  • A little love from our friends over at

  • Take my cars, please!

  • I genuinely thought that Bank of America (BAC) was "best of breed" in the financial complex but the MBNA (KRB) "take" will likely come back to bite them in the caboose.

  • Is it me or does the "crude concern" bar continually roll higher?

  • Macke has been primpin' for the last few hours in preperation of our 4:00 San Fran Minyanfest at Perry's (Union Street). From there, I'll be swingin' through LA on the way to Ojai for a much anticipated MiM2 site visit. I'll likely be radio silence for the rest of this week but rest assured that we'll be workin' to make our Sundance of Finance very special indeed.

  • Many thanks to the squad at MVHQ for taking the con this week. While this is indeed a "working vacation," I wouldn't be able to take this trip without the hard work and tireless dedication of Collins & Co.

  • May peace be with you!

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