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More Random Thoughts!


Fare ye well and have a great weekend!


  • Wouldn't it be great if Brenda and Eddie patched things up?

  • The greenback is back at the work shop that is DXY 90. Still, the metals remain firm as gold holds up $3 and the white lightening is up 4%.

  • Trojan strong!

  • New office. New beginnings. Noice.

  • The path of least resistance is typically the most profitable path.

  • The volume flows are as light as they've been in months.

  • Breadth remains firmer on the big board but the sub-sectors of the Nazz are trumpin' their old school cousins.

  • Pressers and guessers are standing in a circle shooting at the same stocks.

  • Twenty days left until we circle our wagons 'round the Crested Butte campfire.

  • The financials are the Minxy big toe and they've been stubbed

  • This ad stinks!

  • Daisy. Sun dress. Flower field. Wow!

  • The ten trading commandments.

  • I'm still short Woodson.

  • We're gonna lose radio contact around 2pm so please bear with us as we caravan the critters to their new home. Thanks in advance for understanding.

  • Hey Fokker--$8,000!?!?!

  • The crickets are coming, the crickets are coming!

  • Collins and I are spending most of the weekend working on a kick-ass speech.

  • My eyes keep flickering back and forth between Citigroup (C:NYSE) and eBay (EBAY:NASD).

  • Drama in Dairyland!

  • The trannies are in the process of putting in a third 'lower high' since the end of June top.

  • Nutmeg, without a doubt, is the coolest sounding spice.

  • Critters on trial!

  • Yawn! Crude ripping.

  • Yuan Valdez. Think about that.

  • My bags are packed, we're ready to go...

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