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Morning Moving Randoms


One door closes and another door opens!


  • Professor Dingmann confessed to sneaking in some batting cage reps this weekend.

  • Elmer can't let us deflate (with a softer economy) but we have a date with stagflation if we keep going.

  • Crude is at a 21 year high. I'm buying a rickshaw.

  • Triple Dog Dare!

  • Europe has acted fabu of late and is hanging tough in the face of sloppy Deutsche Bank earnings (light on revs and trading income).

  • Speaking of which, XBD 120 was Boo's backstop again as he feeds the ducks at that level. Merrill and UBS are out this morning reducing estimates on the brokers. Pay very close attention to the traction/slippage in this complex today please.

  • Minyans. Mountains. Set list. Smores. Softball. Psyched.

  • Reality check.

  • Take everything...except the keyboard! We've got movers carrying out the critter digs all around us with the last batch (our computers) being lifted at 2pm. television (blessing in disguise), no furniture (no napping Fester), no tables (sushi!?!) and no kidding--onward and upward!

  • My two favorite football teams are the Raiders and anyone playing the Bronco's.

  • CNBC is reporting explosions at the U.S. and Israeli embassies in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  • Bo don't know Daisy.

  • What do you do? I'm a lawyer. What do you do? I'm in advertising. What do you do? I'm a teacher. What do you do? Animated financial literacy. Say what?

  • GDP came in at 3% (vs. exp. 3.7%). Personal Consumption was 1% (vs. exp. 2%) and the GDP Price Deflator was higher at 3.2% (vs. 3%). But we're fine. Really.

  • One of my best friends (a savvy developer) was telling me about this beautiful Brazilian beachfront property he's buying on the cheap. The critters would like Brazil, right? (I think so too!)

  • No, I swear--just look at the prior month revisions. See?

  • I can't get the song Anticipation by Carly Simon out of my head. And I'm not even a

  • In childhood, there is friendship....

  • Lotsa stops below Monday's lows.

  • The NDX 50- and 200-day moving averages are twisted tighter than a braid.

  • Gilead (GILD:NASD) blew away their numbers and was upgraded by Piper. Watch the biotechs please.

  • Nice feel Scotto "socks" Reamer.

  • Everyone wants to be your friend when things are well but you never forget who was there for you when they weren't.

  • The metals ripped on the heels of Beek's peek at the GDP. The dollar index is 60 bips lower.

  • What's a bip? 100 bips = 1%.

  • Collins cell phone plays "Diamond Girl."

  • Tony Dwyer in the mountains alone with Daisy. God help us all.


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