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Random Thoughts


  • Marble galleries?

  • Google (GOOG) is eyeing the 50-day ($287) for the first time since April.

  • Gross! (of the domestic product variety).

  • Gross! (of the PIMCO variety)

  • I'm Rick James Beach!

  • Pinball Wizard!

  • Two Buzzes worth repeating:

    • Table Manners

      Last night at Succofest, a self-proclaimed "old school floor trader" (that John and I have immense respect for) mentioned that he'd like to see me take more proactive stands. "When I read you on Realmoney," he said, "you seemed to put it out there a lot more. I always made my own decisions but I came to rely on you as a point of reference."

      His point is well taken and it's one that I've heard before. I told him that several factors contributed to this stylistic shift.

      • The tape is a lot different than it was in 2000 and I've adapted my approach (not as frenetic).
      • We're trying to offer insight and information without entering into the realm of advice (I'm a big believer that you must understand the questions before attempting to answer them).
      • With MiM2 comin' up quick, my focus is bifurcated as we head into August and I wanna be forthright with ye faithful on that front.

    • With that said, and in the interest of sharing, I opined that the "all clear" signal (given by the charts) is starting to raise an ursine eyebrow. Actionable? Not sure yet, but the aforementioned lethargy in the financials and, now Google (speculative proxy) may be warning shots across the bow (particularly if we break BKX 100). The key, for me, will be the shift in the internals (if and when). Stay tuned...

    • You want the truth? (you can't handle the truth!)

      Wow, it didn't take much to trigger a slew of responses from ye faithful on the style worthwhile in the 'Ville. So, in that vein, here are some unedited vibes on a slow summer Friday:

      • I may be spitting into the technical wind, but I think August is gonna be a rude wake up call for the bulls.
      • My sense is that we don't get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from the Beltway or the BLS.
      • The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that compression doesn't exist.
      • I'm not sure that we've endured the "hate" that must precede the ultimate apathy (the other side of the bubble excess).
      • I sometimes wonder why I'm running straight into the center of a storm that I've "seen" coming for years. And then I'm reminded of the relationships forged in the 'Ville and the purpose becomes clear.

  • Weekdays with Bernie!

  • What a Munson!

  • And just like that, crude trades with a six-handle again.

  • Lotsa folks are "chatting up" fresh flows to start the month. Could be...but if Monday doesn't exhibit jig, I think that'll be telling in itself.

  • Where there's hope, there are dopes.

  • I think we should let Snapper get medieval on her!

  • Housing analog?

  • Actions speak louder than words.

  • The Texas two-step.

  • It's been another humdinga of a week on the "information digestion" front. Be good to yourself this weekend, balance a bit, regain that perspective and remember that the purpose of the journey is the journey itself.

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