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Random Thoughts


Gimme those lips!


  • There's been a fair amount of S&P call selling the last two days. File that away in the back of your keppe (it creates negative gamma).

  • The breadth, thus far, continues to have a negative bias.

  • I, for one, thought the idea of a terrorist futures was in poor taste and I'm glad they nixed it.

  • Saddam capture chatter getting loud again. These market rumors are getting silly.

  • Boo just walked by doing his best Mr. Bigglesworth impersonation. Can it be true? Has he really pulled all of his hair out?

  • As long as the S&P closes under 1000, you can make the case that we've put in four lower tops (on a closing basis) since the mid-June high.

  • Happy birthday to my brother Adam. Maybe the O's will win one for the gipper!

  • Look at a 10-day chart of the S&P. There's a lot of noise without giving a sound signal.

  • Brian's observation warrants another mention. Having a game plan before you step on the field is uber-important.

  • The Minxy chicken little continues...and when the bottom finally does fall out of this market, nobody will believe it (until it's too late).

  • Buzz & Banter continues to rock and roll.

  • If I was as thin as this tape, I'd be in good shape. Get it?

  • I haven't been too aggressive in my market commentary lately but, then again, we've also been trading sideways for a while.

  • With that said, I've got about as much conviction in Boo's long-term thesis as one can possibly have in this business.

  • Thanks to all the Morgan Minterns, particularly Adam Michael, for setting up last night's gathering.

  • Specialty pharma continues to act well.

  • A soon-to-be-married Minyan offered that a wedding ring is the world's smallest handcuff.

  • This is one fakakta business.

  • Now that we've filled the consumer confidence vacuum, watch S&P 995 and NDX 1280 as areas of congestion.

  • Have you visited Main Street lately?

  • This recent rally, as impressive as it is/was, simply brought us back to the multi-year head & shoulders trendline in the S&P.

  • It's alright to try and fail. It's not alright to fail to try.

  • Gold starting to pull back a bit. Watch $350 (if and when) as support (previous resistance).

  • I opined a while back that we'd see the highs for this bullish phase this summer. I still believe that.

  • I ran into one of Joel's old friends this past weekend and we talked about how his passing changed our lives. It's truly ironic that it takes something bad to make us realize how good we have it.

  • Is this a basing or a churning? My gut says the latter but the jury remains in session.

  • For what it's worth, I think Samantha is gonna marry the "Absolute hunk" on Sex in the City.

  • Baby steps may not get you to your destination as fast, but you're less likely to fall down.

  • If you've been very bullish and very bearish today, take a step back and a deep breath.

  • To be clear, there's nothing wrong with a doorman waxing his pole in public. It's part of the job!

  • Steve Galbraith remains one of the all-time good guys in this business.

  • Feel better Casey!

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