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More Random Thoughts!


Fare ye well into the bell!


  • "Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate" - John F. Kennedy

  • Keep Collins Trading Radar in front of ya--lots on tap overnight.

  • "I get a little miffed at ballparks not letting you bring in an umbrella. Who do they think I am the Penguin??" -Minyan Dan Meehan

  • Alligators in our midst?

  • Citi (C:NYSE) and Softy (MSFT:NASD) are misbehavin'.

  • Contra-hour was to the upside. For whatever it's worth.

  • I hate when people overuse the word like when like they like speak.

  • Crude is just plain rude (up another 1.5%). Only eight handles to the big 5-0.

  • Minyan RA from San Fran emailed to offer to buy Succo's nephew and his Ranger friend a big, fat, juicy NYC steak. Good timing and many thanks, Rich, as we happen to be taking the fellas out to dinner tonight. That's Minyan spirit at it's very finest.

  • (Any Minyan in the Mountain attendees with exceptional softball skills please give me the wink. But don't tell anyone, ok?)

  • Scotto double dipped his chips nicely today. Along those lines, Pepe Depew offers that the SOX is at point & figure levels that have been good entry points in the past. Not advice (not here) but ducks are good when they quack in synch.

  • How long before the teletubbies start drooling again.

  • NDX 1400 is the downtrend line from the July high.

  • I am running to the new digs on the bell and taking Collins with me.

  • The banks, over-achievers yesterday, aren't givin' a nub today. Still, the brokers are knocking on XBD 120 (former support/resistance) once more.

  • "The Investment Company Institute (IC) reported that equity mutual fund cash fell in May 2004 to about $162 billion, 4.2% of net assets, from about $164 billion in February 2004, 4.3%. The cash percentage equals the lowest reading since the 4% reported at the March 2000 market top, the lowest reading since the 1960's." --Phil Roth at Miller-Tabak

  • Mountaineer Minyan Malcolm Brown points out the QQQ gap (from Thursday) that will "fill" at $34.96. Nice spot, brah.

  • Debbie Downer.

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