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Random Thoughts


There are mini-Minyans popping up all over the West Coast!

  • There's been more motion than movement today as the Minx slinks through turnaround Tuesday. Standout situations include the biotechs (+1.5%), the brokers (XBD -1%), the XAU (-1.5% on the China jawbone), Texan (+5%) and-with that in tow-a flat semi sector.

  • Fiscal literacy edges into the collective mindset.

  • General Fari Hamzei updates his analogs on the S&P and NASDAQ

  • T-minus 23 days until Minyans migrate to the Mountains for our annual Sundance of Finance. The response has been fantastic-from our speakers to attendees to our sponsors to the media coverage-as we ready to bridge the networks of our trusted human capital. Bring the family or fly solo-nobody in Ojai will be alone!

  • Put Yuan foot in front of the other...

  • "The deteriorating momentum picture for the S&P Diversified Bank Index concerns us first and foremost, but we're also concerned because the momentum indicator peaked from a similar level in 1998, deteriorated until its low in 2000, but price action for the index was, at the very least, unimpressive through early 2003. On a weekly basis, the index is putting in a "lower high" with respect to the action that occurred from November '04- February '05. Furthermore, the weekly momentum indicator for this is also fading. Lastly, relative price action for the S&P Diversified Bank index, which has made no net progress in the last three years, recently made a new lower low to go along with its series of lower highs. Additionally, it is below its downward sloping 200-day moving average." - Uber-Minyan John Roque of Natexis Bleichroeder

  • General Electric (GE), hemmin' and hawin' since earnings, remains nestled under a few different resistance levels.

  • Congratulations to Minyan Alex Washburn of Summit Capital in Seattle on the newest addition to his "portfolio." Blake Bryant Washburn weighed in at a strapping 7 lbs 15 ounces. Mom and baby are both doing extremely well.

  • Elmer on the volatility trap.

  • Pump grumps?

  • They're ba-a-a-a-a-ck!

  • Don't force, Meat, just trade.

  • Can't buy me love?

  • Don't worry Vince, there are plenty of other fish for Aquarium.

  • Weekends with Elmer?

  • The Google (GOOG) 50-day resides at 283ish while the 200-day rests at 211. Just a little perspective as we prepare for the lock-up stock.

  • Chinese Chicken!

  • Isolationist evolution, even if we choose to ignore that it's out there.

  • Tree Hugger!

  • Dare to dream.

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