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More Random Thoughts!


Foiled again!


  • With 90% of the votes tallied, more Minyans believe our administration is NOT doing a good job. It was close...and I'm hearing Florida may order a recount.

  • The tape is the pinball wizard! After a heckuva lotta ziggin' and zaggin', the S's and N's (as of now) are pretty much flat for the week.

  • The cyclicals continue to act like they're under accumulation

  • I'm really enjoying the Buzz & Banter.

  • If you're getting bullish on the upticks and bearish on the downticks, start your weekend early!

  • Remember Carmine from Laverne & Shirley? The Big Ragoo!

  • While the rule of thumb is "never short a dull market," today's tape is far from a gimme.

  • What is gold telling us?

  • Those aren't pillows!

  • The breadth continues to straddle the fence.

  • Reasons I'm hearing for the lift: Nobody wants to be short in front of the weekend (Saddam), traders are getting long in front of next week's robust data (how do they know where we're going?) and "support held." Reasons they'll assign if we fail: "support broke," the internets led us lower, earnings weren't enough.

  • It amazes me that some people are afraid of the critters.

  • There sure are a lot of Hot Pocket fans out there.

  • Do you relax on the weekends or do you spend your time off thinking about work?

  • Straight outa Compton.

  • Have a peaceful weekend.

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