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Random Thoughts




  • The S&P 50-day moving average sits at 978. Remember, with each test of support (resistance), the level weakens.

  • The most powerful man in the world? George Bush Sr.

  • Grandma Dorothy, the margarita mama, won $15 in Mah Jongh last night. Ring the register!

  • Toss Dow 9000 on your list of levels to watch (trading range support 9000-9300).

  • I think the Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) unraveling and housing bubble pop will be cause and effect. I just don't know which element will be the chicken and which one will be the rotten egg.

  • There's nothing better than a little sashimi to end an earnings streak.

  • I'm hearing that the alligators are biting today, out of stocks and into bonds.

  • Hey Lionel--do they sell men's clothing where you got that shirt?

  • In a perfect technical world, NDX 1250 is now resistance. A close below there would be the first violation of that support since March.

  • Man, gold sure acts well...again. Telling?

  • If you're diggin' Minyanville, please help us spread the word. Don't be shy!

  • The bulls are drawing on every ounce of energy to hold these zones.

  • There's chatter floating around that Saddam was captured. Shocker!

  • The rotation migration continues. S's over N's.

  • Prayers and white light to our pal Jackson.

  • The VIX rubberband is back over 20.

  • I'm schizophrenic...and so am I!

  • The big announcement hasn't hit yet but fear's coming. Think music, think children, think critters and think positive!

  • Ebay (EBAY:NASD) support is at 102.

  • It's thin out there...but I think you can fade rallies.

  • I'm fatter, er, flattered!

  • I've always been a huge proponent of forced sabbaticals.

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm in favor of two things: the proactive rooting out of terrorism and getting our troops out of the middle east.

  • I'd like to take a Minyanville poll as a function of curiosity. Is our current administration doing a good job? A simple yes or no will do, and you can send your response to Thanks!

  • Peace out, rabbit!

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