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More Random Thoughts!


Smile! It could be worse--a lot worse!


  • Do you think Banter gets tired of being second fiddle to Buzz?

  • I'm always early.

  • I can't wait to finally share the news.

  • The question isn't whether or not our financial system has structural deficiencies. The question is when people will finally wrap their heads around the depth of the hole we're in. The second derivative of that discussion is the Fed--both what they say and what they do--as they maneuver and fanagle their way through the fray.

  • The metals officially have short-term technical issues to digest (gold $400 was a backstop for a lot of bulls). I cannot stress the importance of identifying your time frame in this complex before the initiation of risk.

  • When you sign your name, it should mean something. That, to me, is the most basic level of success.

  • Yesterday we discussed the Snapper potential to BKX 96 and XBD 120 and wanted to see how the Minx acted once we got there. Uhh....

  • Brazil hiccupped a deuce (2%).

  • The scary thing is, we prolly hear about 5% of what really goes on in Washington.

  • Will asset classes start trading homogenous again?

  • Lower highs + lower lows = downtrend.

  • If biotechs lead the Nazz....

  • The VXO (volatility index) is now up 5% and trading near 15. During the May lows, it was trading near 21ish.

  • While it's all relative, I liked that Bill Gates donated his (cough) $3 billion nut to charity.

  • I wanna come back in my next life as an octopus with eight keyboards.

  • Chris Katan was eating dinner next to me last night but I couldn't tell if he was with Debbie Downer.

  • Regardless of the type of day you're having, toss the ball back on the mound and jog to the dugout. Tomorrow is a new inning.

  • Yes, I'll mix up the trivia a bit and it won't be so Dead-centric.

  • That's Papa Santoli.

  • Collins is a huge find. I mean that in a contribution sense not in a girth sense.

  • Keep your eyes on the Monday lows.

  • S&P 1080 remains a beacon in the night. Then 1050.

  • Lotsa people are expecting us to test the May lows. That means we won't get there or blow through 'em.

  • Lots going on right now. Minyans in the Mountains (get psyched!), moving offices, building distribution relationships, adding content, Critter's Choice Awards, family's a heavy load even by my standards. Thanks kindly for understanding and believing in the critter mission.

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