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Random Thoughts


N's over S's.


  • Snapper is going for it but please note that the NYSE have yet to confirm (flat) and Elmer is set to take center stage at 2:30 EST.

  • There is generally one "easy" trade per day. Finding it, not forcing it, is the way to play.

  • Gold is probing 200-day support at $400 while silver is down for the second session in a row.

  • Boo gets more E.D spam than any four bears I know.

  • Huey Lewis or Hall and Oats?

  • Mute point. Where's the volume?

  • We will ever feel safe in the skies again?

  • Jenna Bush Fokker?

  • Clermont, FL police 911 dispatcher Lorraine Stanton was fired as the result of bad performance reviews including this one from her last weekend. A woman called to report a street gathering that included a man wanted by police, but according to the 911 tape, Stanton was not helpful: "OK, that person would have to come to the police station, and we would have to check. When they come in, they'd have to bring ID." When the caller asked why a wanted man might voluntarily turn himself in, Stanton replied, "Ma'am, that's the only way we can check." [WFTV-TV -Orlando]

  • The OSX is due for a rest. Watch the 110 level for support if/when.

  • Take the high road--it's always less crowded.

  • The cyclicals trade laggy today despite some 3M (MMM:NYSE) traction.

  • Assault with batteries?

  • The trannies "held where they had to" (near previous acne) and have since started to take off.

  • Speaking of planes, trains and automobiles (not to mention hiking, biking and geese chasing), please keep the upcoming Minyans in the Mountains retreat on your radar. If you book your trip by today, you'll receive $150 discount on Critterfest '04. I've been speaking to the professors about their individual topics--John Succo will discuss the art of running a hedge fund, Scott Reamer will offer real-time examples of his unique technical approach, Tony Dwyer will "paint the market's picture," Rich Gula will vent on vertical volatility trading, Kevin Tuttle will walk through 100 years of the Dow, Neal Dingmann will discuss energy and the new paradigm, David Miller will speak about the "death of the blockbuster drug," Pepe Depew will offer a tutorial on Point & Figuring, Jason Roney will speak stats, Greg Weldon will go macro on us and I'll talk trading and ways to approach this increasingly difficult market. And it's not just minxy stuff either--there will be plenty of time for cool brews, barbeques, softball, hiking and, my personal favorite, bench sitting! This is family--this is Minyanville--come join us for a very special vibe in a very special place!

  • Ya'll saw the Jinxy dandruff, right?

  • To Herb or not to Herb. I'm Herbin'!

  • I am biting my lip on this for the time being but trust me that it'll be worth the wait. Just do me a favor and circle November 18th on your calendar.

  • Certain technical gauges are oversold but many are bellies away from anything resembling a disconnect.

  • Tina Fey. Tina Fey. Tina Fey lemme love you lemme rock you Tina Fey, lemme love you that's all I wanna do, Tina Fey.

  • Watch fixed income when Elmer spews his clues.

  • Emotion is the enemy when trading.

  • The Spin Doctors, Radiators and the Meters should get more snaps.

  • The money center banks are laggy while the brokers trade with zest (even a broken clock is right twice a day).

  • I'm psyched to toss a couple back with my grandmother this weekend. It's been way too long. (No, Grandma, the Minyans won't think you're a lush--a lot of them still ask about you and how you've been over the years).

  • Wanna offer your firm a gratis trial subscription to the 'Ville? Sure...come on in!

  • Big things are afoot at the Circle K.

  • Crude spiked fitty cents a bit ago but has settled back in.

  • The uber-short-term trendlines (S&P 1103ish and NDX 1409) are the first cowgirls in the sand.

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