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Random Thoughts


Did somebody say waffles?


  • The biggest "negative" I've heard from the bulls this morning (regarding Microsoft (MSFT:NASD) was that they didn't announce a dividend. Still, forward revenue guidance impressed.

  • I've seen a decent amount of sell side flow today from the gorillas. It's early...but it's worth a mention (they were around yesterday afternoon as well).

  • Did those guys just call you the Godfather?

  • Kevin "Pepe" Depew's comment regarding the internal characteristics of this pullback (vs. others) was an excellent observation.

  • Software and semis trade lethargic; Oil service trades firm.

  • Caterpillar (CAT:NYSE) is frisky.

  • Is this gonna be another anticlimactic expiration?

  • Keep the pen!

  • Watch S&P 975, 965 and 950 as tranched support.

  • When a stock opens flat (or down) on an "up" opening, it infers supply. When it opens flat (up) on a sloppy opening, it infers underlying demand.

  • When in doubt, sit it out.

  • Discussing the actions of our administration isn't's actually the definition of American.

  • Do you think Wonder Woman wore a Wonder bra?

  • Student Minyans-ENJOY yourself; you'll look back at your college days as some of the best times of your life.

  • Expiration and Earning's week is always busy but this one is particularly so. Please forgive me, this will likely be the last post today.

  • Is the downside "crossing" of the 20-day moving average through the 30-day moving average (S&P) significant? Maybe-the last time they crossed (up) was mid-March.

  • OK, I'll admit it. Growing up, I had a crush on P.J Soles and Phoebe Cates.

  • The cast of Diner was awesome. You gonna eat those fries?

  • Watch for expiration "stickiness" around a particular strike. It sometimes acts as a magnet and when the front month paper expires, stocks will continue on their "natural" path.

  • I think Greg RN is doing a fantastic job with The Fokker Chronicles.

  • November 12.

  • What kinda odds will you lay that the VIX trades over 30 between now and year end?

  • Regardless of what you trade, you should have Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) on your screen. It serves as a proxy for the structural psychology.

  • How come, as you get older, it gets harder to lose weight and easier to lose money? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Yes...I've said this before but I reserve the right to recycle Random Thoughts!

  • The calories per doughnut just aren't fair.

  • The fun parade continues next week: Monday: Leading indicators; reports from 3M(MMM:NYSE), Check Point(CHKP:NASD), Merck(MRK:NYSE), Altera(ALTR:NASD), Novellus(NVLS:NASD), Texas Instruments(TXN:NYSE). Tuesday: reports from Pfizer(PFE:NYSE), Amazon(AMZN:NASD), Amgen(AMGN:NASD), Beazer Homes(BZH:NYSE), Broadcom(BRCM:NASD), Lattice Semi(LSCC:NASD), Schlumberger(SLB:NYSE), Siebel Systems(SEBL:NASD), Sun Micro(SUNW:NASD). Wednesday: America Online(AOL:NYSE), Boeing(BA:NYSE), Eastman Kodak(EK:NYSE), Lucent Tech(LU:NYSE), Schering-Plough(SGP:NYSE), Computer Associates(CA:NYSE), Electronic Data Systems(EDS:NYSE), Foundry Networks(FDRY:NASD), LSI Logic(LSI:NYSE), Overture(OVER:NASD), Qualcomm(QCOM:NASD), Stmicroelectronics(STM:NYSE), Veritas(VRTS:NASD). Thursday: Initial claims; Microsoft(MSFT:NASD) analyst meeting; reports from American Intl Group(AIG:NYSE), AT&T(T:NYSE), Baker Hughes(BHI:NYSE), Biogen(BGEN:NASD), Bristol Myers(BMY:NYSE), Eli Lilly(LLY:NYSE), Kulicke & Soffa(KLIC:NASD), MBNA(KRB:NYSE), SBC Comm(SBC:NYSE), Taiwan Semi(TSM:NYSE), EBAY(EBAY:NASD), KLA Tencor(KLAC:NASD). Friday: Durable Goods, existing home sales, new home sales

  • NDX 1250 continues to "do work."

  • How many bears have been squeezed out of their minds? Think about it-Boo's looks a combination of Geoffrey Rush (Shine) and John Nash!

  • If you're digging Minyanville, please support your local critter! We've got fabu tees, snazzy artwork and delicious cookies! Plus, ten percent of the proceeds from Harrison's Department Store are donated to The Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education.

  • May peace be with you.
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