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Randoms for a Freaky Friday


One more session, Minyans, let's make it count!


  • I wonder if I can legally change my name to Sisyphus?

  • If I told you one month ago that Merrill (MER:NYSE) was trading at $49, Intel (INTC:NASD) at $23, Citi (C:NYSE) at $44 and Kla-Tencor (KLAC:NASD) at $40, what level would you guess the S&P would be at?

  • Int'l Business Machines (IBM:NYSE) a little light on the revenue side (services) and bookings. Software was also a tad, uh, soft although they "believe analyst estimates for the full year are reasonable."

  • AMG data reported equity outflows of $170 beans.

  • Doesn't the China frenzy seem like a very long time ago?

  • Rich Gula, who headed the technical research department at Fido and Putnam, is planning a special presentation for Minyans in the Mountains.

  • I've never penned an entire day of Random Thoughts. Hmm...

  • Earth Wind & Fire wasn't too shabby either...but Kool & the Gang trumps 'em.

  • Dell (DELL:NASD) caught the bears looking the wrong way and pre-announced to the upside this morning. That'll leave a mark.

  • Samsung raised semiconductor capital expenditure (CAPEX) forecasts roughly 12% ($500MM) last night.

  • What if this is as good as it gets?

  • November 18th.

  • The OSX broke through many resistance barriers yesterday. That said, and while I continue to feel that energy names recapture the highest weighting in the S&P, please understand that a lot of technology traders are now buying this group because it's a 'hot' sector. That sometimes muddies the landscape so please be sure to define your horizon before initiating risk.

  • Nice work Fleck.

  • I didn't know Hoofy loved horses?

  • S&P 1100-1102 is becoming increasingly important as a technical backstop.

  • Frustration leads to sloppy trading.

  • I've gotta make a two day turnaround to the left coast in a few weeks.

  • The F-Troop shuffle.

  • The Rat Dog show in '95 was actually the night before Jerry passed. Minyan Stoler was there with me and confirmed the date.

  • Wanna earn while ya learn and get on board the critter express? Minyanville is always on the lookout for Ambassadors to share our journey with. For more information, please give us a ping and we'll walk you through the dets.

  • The Wolverine confidence number is due out at 9:50 am (exp. 97).

  • Fixed income (and the pre-market futes) have caught a bid on the heels of CPI data. I, for one, am bemused by the constant massaging done by the BLS. If they were a spa, they'd be coining it...

  • Is anybody expecting a rally on a sleepy summer Friday or are traders caught long and awaiting a bounce?

  • Wasabi Adam Brodsky. How's breakfast?

  • Test and go?

  • You're doing a great job Collins--why don't you take the next two days off?

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